Sating curiosity….

Evidently is the Queen of Inquisition ….

1) Most of your entries are about love, but you seem to have very indefinite feelings on it. So give me your definition of love using the most specific language possible!

Heheh! Now you’ve put me on the spot – excuse me if I end up writing a mini-essay on this… ¬_¬’

Away from fields of fluctuating emotion, here is my take on love…

I believe love is when you value a person’s well-being as much as you do yours; tying that person’s best interests to your own, without sinking into co-dependency. In a sense love is conditional, depending very much on a person’s qualities and character – as such people getting into relationships should, in my view, have a significant amount of health and maturity for the task. (However, I believe it is possible to feel love for someone unconditionally, even if they wound or hurt you deeply – it’s just not in one’s best interest to show or act on that love under such a circumstance.)

I also believe that love entails perseverance, hanging in through dark times as well as good (though not putting up with any shit should a partner severely and knowingly undermine one’s dignity or well-being). Hearts, flowers, wine and roses are all well and good, but when it’s balls to the wall, how will both parties react? That to me determines whether love is authentic and genuine, and not just passing fancy or fakery.

Perhaps most importantly, love is willing to see the truth with open eyes, instead of hiding behind delusion or fantasy….

Love is natural, free of compulsion and, providing trust and trustworthiness are present, ultimately liberating.

Saying all that, I need to bump up the ol’ self-esteem before I’m fully ready for it …

2) Since a lot of your entries are about the non-mundane, tell me some things about your mundane life. Job, education, goals, etc…

I recently graduated from uni with a degree in Creative Writing.

I currently work part time at an electrical retail store.

I want to leave my area, establish myself as a writer, overcome my fundamental weaknesses through self-improvement and come face to face with my female counterpart, whoever she may be…

3)What made you decide to “friend” me?

I “friended” you because I linked to your journal from liked much of what I saw in your journal; like you, I have an affinity for Objectivist ideas and the works of Ayn Rand, so that worked in your favour. Also, you express yourself with conviction and clear-headedness, especially in those political posts of yours I enjoy reading; I guess it helps that I agree with many of your views….

Plus of course, that icon of yours couldn’t help but work in your favour too….heheh!

4) What do you think of the Hedgehog’s Dilemma?

We’re in Evangelion territory now? I like this question!

The Hedgehog Dilemma theory presented in the series certainly has validity in my life; I want to form connections and close attachments with people, yet I fear being disappointed by (or in some cases, disappointing) them. Thus I mainly stick to myself and keep peeps at considerable distance. I think Anno made a valid point with this theory, creating a strong metaphor for the dysfunction plaguing a considerable number of human relationships.

Saying that,I think the Instrumentality Project was (and would be) an atrocity of a solution – there’s quite enough mindless dissolution in the world as it is, so why add to it? Besides, I like being singular entity, ta very much!

5) Would you be a warrior for justice or a lover of peace? Explain.

Easy! I’d be a warrior for justice because – as cliche as it sounds – without justice, there can be no true peace – merely a pretense or facsimile of it. Looking at society today, justice is cast aside in the name of “compassion” and “mercy” and all that other happy-clappy, slap-on-the-wrist bullshit. Not that compassion is necessarily a bad thing; just glaringly inappropriate in certain cases.

Peace has no intrinsic value, and should certainly be scorned if bought at the expense of justice – too often, peace is just a euphemism for apathy or conformity to “the way things are”.

Peace under such circumstances can only ever be superficial.



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