Pass out of existence….

Tragedy befell me yesterday.

Due to a crash and corruption/destruction of a vital Windows folder on my computer, I was forced to do a system recovery, losing most of my personalized files and folders in the process.

All the vids, mp3s, scribings, convos and other stuff I’d built up over the past year-and-a-half in my personal folder are now no more….

I’m glad that at least some of my prized folders were in the shared documents – the Advent and/or Microsoft peeps behind the so-called system recovery seem to think that’s worth preservation….just not my actual personal folders.

What are they, communists?

“Protects all your files”? Those cunts should be done under the trade descriptions act! Lying cocksuckers!

In time most of it most of the discarded data can be replaced..

As for the (considerable) rest? Well….


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