Just a li’l reminder…

It’s “MRDA”!

Spell it like an acronym & pronounce it like a word, people – y’all know who you are! Heheh!

Night, night and vaya contra Dios, all…


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4 Responses to Just a li’l reminder…

  1. kasku says:

    If you felt the need to tell us this at 5:30am then it MUST be a serious problem. 🙂

  2. badthingsman says:

    It reminds me of a Dr. Dre song from the Chronic 2001 album.

  3. madwanker says:

    i like you becuser your black nbut ur smart

  4. newedition says:

    Aah, I know, sorry!
    In my defense, when I was writing back to the interview things, I mentioned you, rinku, and deltaproximus. I thought to myself, “Hm, I want consistency in my LJ, so how can I best achieve this when referring to LJ users?” For example, do I capitalize “rinku” since he never does? Do I capitalize both “D” and “P” for Delta? The solution was to only capitalize the first letter of each person’s LJ name. Ha ha. Next time I will do this correctly.

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