Parental Responsibilities

I’ve two poems still lying in suspended animation – I can’t let myself fall into a pattern of unfinished works, like some bloke who walks out on his pregnant woman for no good reason.

These embryos conceived will yet see the light of full birth, and – like any good dad – I’ll do my part to help the process along…


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5 Responses to Parental Responsibilities

  1. _toyin says:

    (chuckles) I love your analogies.
    Nice personifications. 😉
    How are you doing?

    • MRDA says:

      I’m not doing badly at all. I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to – I hadn’t seen an entry from you in quite some time till a few days ago. What’s been happening?

      • _toyin says:

        yeah, lack of internet connection at home basically caused me to drop off the face of the LJ world. (chuckles)
        Currently, I could be in for some serious shit. my 3-D design class is killin’ me because I completely lost and totally inept in that subject, and french II is getting problematic. I’m also taking fricana studies, which I actually enjoy, but it’s a work load as well. and I’m taking a math this semester, so I’ve got a lot of work in store for me.
        ah, hum-bug. ;P

  2. staxxy says:

    I look forward to reading them.

  3. withonen says:

    and take care of them afterwards! (i.e. publish em online)
    where have you been? i havent seen you online in a while

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