Bladdered 24-7!

This Seamagic client thang I’m writing this entry on really makes journal entries less of a chore to type – I appreciate that!

Anyhow, I’m hearing a lot of noise and bluster about the 24-hour drinking proposals being laid down by Parliament; stuff along the lines of how this new proposal being laid down will lead to the moral decay of the UK and arguments along those lines. I fail to see how myself, even going as far as to say I actually support these proposals – lifting the restrictions on pub opening times, per se, is indisputably one of the better, more sensible ideas the muppets in Parliament have had in quite some time. People can moan all they want about this encouraging the drunken yob culture, but the truth is that it does quite the opposite – this way pissheads and sloshers can down a few pints well into the early hours, rather than be turfed out onto the street at 11pm to throw up and pick fights with passers-by.

It makes a good change to see politicians giving back individual freedoms, as opposed to stealing them away.

However, as should probably be expected with that lot in Commons,there’s a catch….

I like the idea of houses of trade being allowed to open and close as they see fit, I’d love a market and society, free from Big Government restrictions – however, I’ve never bought into the theory of the ends justifying the means. This taxation and penalty deal – penalising pubs for the bad behaviour of their patrons – doesn’t sit well with me.

And they can fuck right off with the idea of a “Hooligan Tax”! Have they been taking bong hits!?

All in all, a mixed blessing. A pity really, this could’ve been a two thumbs-up deal….


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