The Anti-Survival Instinct?

Very often I hear people say how human beings as a species have a natural survival instinct – judging by the behaviour of young children, I find this extremely hard to believe. Often when running stock out down an aisle toward the cash desk, I’m amazed (and just plain fucking irritated) by the ankle-biters who stop and stare at the oncoming trolley like a rabbit returning a glare to a shining headlight, instead of getting clean out of the fucking way. It takes a typical parent to snap out of their semi-sonambulistic sight-shopping and pull the poor little bastard right out of the way. I mean shouldn’t an “inbuilt survival instinct” inspire the kid to take the appropriate action conducive to self-preservation? I’m sure this anti-survival instinct is very much conducive to the intentions of kiddy-fiddlers and murderers – nay, rather I think this is most likely the primary element that draws those sick fucks to the kids (as well as vice versa). It’s a manner of behaviour which screams “prey” or “victim” or whatever term you’d care to use….

Observing such pathology in the young , I find it amazing that we as a species managed to crawl out of the caves in one piece….


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