Cuntrag – is thy name CAP?

This article is a truly disgusting slab of slave morality. Read this and weep – not that you’ll need any prompt to do the latter if the former is followed through….


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10 Responses to Cuntrag – is thy name CAP?

  1. chiller says:

    I can’t even read it. The first two lines make me RAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!
    Delusional wanker. (Not you. Him.)

    • MRDA says:

      Follow the path of the downward spiral…
      Oh, you should stick with it – it gets a helluva lot better than that….

      • chiller says:

        Re: Follow the path of the downward spiral…
        Cor, I really tried (again). I just can’t. It’s like my eyes are allergic to bullshit of that intensity and must peel away from it in order to preserve my sanity.

  2. Don’t you know that “Christianity” is there to keep the slaves in line ? One of the reasons why Nietzche coined the name…

  3. ubermensch says:

    and they have the nerve to object to the term “slave morality”. this is grotesque beyond words.

    • MRDA says:

      “Addiction commands the suffering individual to dedicate some or all of his/her attention and personal resources to obtaining that to which s/he is addicted. In other words, addiction forces some degree of servitude and sacrifice to the addicting agent. While addiction to drugs or alcohol demands some servitude and sacrifice from the victim, I believe there is a more basic or rudimentary type of addiction which can be more commanding and draining: the additction to satisfying the “Self.””
      Sheesh! Can you say “projection”?
      “Anton LaVey’s “Do what thou wilt,” the first commandment from his satanic bible….”
      Whoops! Looks like someone needs to re-check their sources….

  4. ghostdog_ says:

    My brain switched off real fast trying to read that.

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