Volte-Face: Thoughts on the Events of the Last Two Days


So in the space of a day, the city of London goes from triumph to terror….

One moment, everyone explodes into the most disproportionate hysteria over London’s clinching of the big Olympic bid for 2012; I remember rolling my eyes at the whole sideshow, wondering how much raised council tax it’d take to transform the three-penny whore known as Newham into a highly prized courtesan…..

The next moment, four strategically-placed bombs explode at key points around the capital, killing dozens, injuring hundreds more and bringing the much-prized public transport systems to a standstill. I remember switching on my television at half-past ten only to be introduced to the latest date in the Al-Qaeda Islamic Jihad World Tour – New York, Bali, Madrid – and now London’s burning?

They certainly know how to pick their moments what with – as well as the Olympic bid aftermath – the G8 summit kicking off on the same day. They certainly had some success in derailing the smooth running of that operation, as well as that of the London Underground. The PM had to make a hasty return to London in order to give the expected condemnation of these actions, thus putting the start of his world-saving antics back a day.

Nevertheless, as I watched all the events unfold – the eyewitness & victim testimonies, the laughable “power surge” speculations being quashed, the condemnations by religious leaders, the authorities as good as saying “we told you so” – one thought, above all the others in my mind had prominence: Thank fuck this isn’t another 9-11!

Honestly, if anything, I would have expected the Jihadites to try their luck with somewhere like Canary Wharf, a key financial & commercial hotspot, not to mention a landmark – a prominent tower no less! Such an operation would have taken the casualty toll into the thousands as opposed to the hundreds who incurred injury yesterday – and you can certainly wager that there’d have been a fuckload more fatalities! If one of the terrorist aims had been to feed their Allah spook with a few hundred human sacrifices, I’m glad to see that they failed miserably!

This of course doesn’t change the fact that several dozen lives were ended yesterday. As I write, I discover that least 75 people were snuffed out by the four bomb blasts. That the toll wasn’t much higher was as much down to the (relative) composure of the passengers on-board and the efficiency of the emergency services, as well as any terrorist incompetence. Writing this, I wonder if any of the dead were Muslims – if so, this further shows the terrorists’ stupidity in the pursuit of their goals, one of which undoubtedly would be the gaining of support from fellow Islamics for whatever “cause” they’d pulled out of their arses.

Judging from the condemnations from UK Muslim leaders, it seems as if the fuckers are hated more than ever! Congratulations, you Qaeda cunts – how does that self-inflicted foot wound feel? It must feel good to have sent another designation of drones to die for your futile “cause”….

From an internet website, the (laughably named) Secret Organization Group of Al Qaeda of Jihad Organiation in Europe declared that “Britain is burning with fear.” Wrong again, fuckers! Certainly, in the immediate wake of the attacks – as with any disaster – they achieved their objective of spreading terror. But long-term? Judging by soundbites from Londoners on TV today, it seems as if the terrorists fucked-up in that respect also. It’s business as usual, with the understanding that any curtailment of plans would be “letting them win”. I certainly am not gonna let a group of murderously suicidal, slave-moralist cocksuckers get in the way of my life. I’m still gonna take the DLR to the cinema to see (rather aptly) War of the Worlds tonight; I’m still gonna (as much as I hate to on any day) use the buses to get to work on Sunday; and I’m still gonna use the London Underground to get to Central London when I go to see Nine Inch Nails next week. Bravery has fuck-all to do with such a stance. Bravery implies an individual taking a step forward despite the fear of doing so – Al-Qaeda and their cronies remind me not so much of the rabid dog you walk (or run) the other way to avoid, but rather the mound of shit left by said dog – one simply steps over it with a maximum yet momentary irritation and continues on one’s way….

….cos living well can often be the best revenge, people.

This is not to say I don’t have fears in the wake of this bullshit – in fact two very prominent ones spring to mind:

1) This could be just the Trojan Horse the government needs to steamroll in its highly suspect ID Card scheme. Prior to all this, Blair had been making big noise about resurrecting it – could he push ahead with such a scheme in an attempt to fill the state treasury with more ill-earned pounds? I wouldn’t put it past him (although Home Secretary Charles Clarke doesn’t seem awfully keen on the idea)! Reading the Daily Mail today, I came across the comment: “We may have to sacrifice some of our ancient legal rights if we wish to protect our citizens”. Upon reading the comment, I remembered Benjamin Franklin’s declaration that those who wished to trade freedom for security deserved neither and would lose both – as far as I’m concerned if such a curtailment came to pass, this nation would deserve any fate visited upon it in the future.

As Tory MP Michael Portillo has said: “The terrorists have attacked our way of life – it must be ensured that the government does not.”

2) Whilst the terrorists may have failed to set Brit Muslims against the rest of the populace, one has to wonder if other groups may use the attacks as a justification to further their own fucked-up ends. Guys like the BNP’s Nick Griffin may well have been masturbating to the knowledge of yesterday’s events. Could we see a resurgence of racial attacks in the East End of London, seeing as many people stupidly conflate “Muslim” or “Islam” with brown skin? Could such attacks, if they occurred, send a ripple throughout other parts of the UK, reviving the open racial hostilities seen in areas like Oldham over the past few years? With the British National Party gaining prominence in and out of London, such questions must be raised….

The terrorists may well have failed in any direct goals they had with this attack – nevertheless, if either (or both) of the worst case scenarios I’ve raised come to pass, Britain will have effectively handed its own arse on a plate to the Al-Qaeda terrorists….


(To all those who expressed concern as to my well-being, worry not! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated – thankyee all! ^_^ )

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