MRDA vs. the Racial Massmind & The Tyranny of Slave Morality

Ridiculous is he who, while fellows of his tribe, family, nation, rank high, is – nothing but ‘puffed up’ over the merit of his fellows. [He] puts his worth….in connectedness, or in the ‘tie’ that conjoins him with others, in the ties of blood, of nationality…
– Max Stirner



One of the things about most of my acquaintances which really makes me not want to co-exist with them is the way that they venerate the norm to the status of deity; now when I speak of “normal”, I mean not what is rational or what makes sense, but rather what a large number of people would mistake for such; I’m talking of the average, the most commonplace, the banal, everyday and conventional. Now so far, so familiar for many of you, but today I’m gonna talk about one of the ways in which this veneration of the “norm” has affected me….

Today’s hot potato is racism!

Now when most peeps hear the word “racism” they think of evil Europeans persecuting poor, helpless Blacks/Asians/Jews/Latinos; or – if they’re not so P.C. infected – can think of it as discrimination by any one race against any particular, or every other race. However this variant of the slave morality doesn’t just manifest as conflict between races, but also within them. I’ve made mention of this conflict in an earlier post but I now feel the need to expand upon it….

I’ve been aware for a long time that, contrary to good sense, many people see their race as something above and greater than them – a divine sentience which dictates their every move, whim and interest. Thus we have the spectacle of people in effect declaring with their actions: “My kind, right or wrong”, eager to protect this phantom from the encroachment of outsiders; such a mentality reaches out to the extent of wanting this ethnic heritage to dictate not only the mind and movement of the subject, but also all those who share his racial lineage. I’m sure most people reading have met that “conscious” individual from their race who bangs on (and on and on) about the virtues of Black/White/Asian/Latino/Zentradi culture – ÜBER ALLES! Such people may or may not have good intentions behind doing so – wanting to protect a part of their characterlogical makeup from being eroded – but, as the wise well know, good intentions very often paveth the road to the inferno! What characterises the inferno I speak of? Massminded idiots, sacrificing whatever vestige of individuality they have to the Almighty Regent known as Race; this manifests itself in a strict segregation of ethnicities whether this be forced (Robert Mugabe kicking white farmers out of Zimbabwe and South African Apartheid) or chosen (American ghettoization); this serves the function of keeping the bloodlines “pure” and the culture “preserved”.

However, it doesn’t stop there – there’s also the matter of removing any alien elements within the race – the ones who can’t or won’t march in lockstep with the rest of the herd. Thus “the culture” and the race are conflated – bound together as one – making membership to the racial collective not just an affair of matter, but of mindset; thus anyone who deviates from the dictates of Regent Race and Countess Culture, and their offspring – the “Proper” Black/White/Asian/Latino/Saiyan – is spotlighted and stigmatized as an example of the Anti-normative – what one shouldn’t be!

Thus ethnocentrism soon leads to cerebral arrest in those who subscribe to its mandates. How do I know this? Because all too often I’ve had to bear such idiocy from the more cognitively-challenged members of my ethnic group. A recent example of this took place at work a few days ago with a colleague who saw fit to criticize me for my love of reading, denouncing me as “a White man trapped in a Black man’s body” (Gee, way to uplift Black people, Paul!); now this guy, for the merits he does have, is someone who buys the bullshit doctrine of ethnocentricity; I often have to put up with his jibes in regards to my music tastes and how I should “listen to Black music” (yawn!). When I later brought to his attention how much of a prick he comes across as at times, he responded with the whole “only joking” line of defence.

Joke or not in his mind, it’s not such a laughing matter for those who’ve have to put with such shit for a good half of their lives – simply for following their own bliss. Then again jibes such as “coconut”, “oreo”, “Uncle Tom”, “nigger-lover” and what have you really bring about intra-racial unity, do they not?

Now, reading the entries of some of the friends I’ve acquired, I see that this stigmatization by “fellow” race members is not a problem unique to myself. Beyond LJ, I’m willing to bet there are a considerable percentage of people made to feel like shit for not fitting into the arbitrary requirements of “the Race”. It’s actually quite ironic how often the members of these racial massminds project their own glaring flaw – self-hatred – onto the deviants in their midst; these ethnocentric fuck-ups think so little of themselves that they’re willing to kneel down and fellate an arbitrary, fetishized normative; these are the same fools who cry foul whenever the media pigeonholes their ethnic group in a “stereotypical” template – which is often the exact same template they insist upon for themselves and their “fellow” Blacks/Whites/Latinos/Asians – funny that!

If these “race leaders” really wanted to put an end to racism they’d address the real problems in their ethnic “communities” instead of whinging about (half the time) fabricated problems caused by other races. As it is, such mindsets – with their conceptions of what’s “proper” – are merely another carcinogen for the cancer of racism.

The way I see it, if anyone deserves to be purged from the gene pools, it’s the walking, breathing miscarriages who breed the falsehood that one’s ancestry has the first and final say in one’s destiny….


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