The Vivisection of Dumbarse Phrases Continues

It’s kinda laughable whenever someone sees fit to utter the phrase: "There’s no need to shout/lose your temper"; such a person is usually dense of the point without someone shouting their fucking ear off! The irony of their assertion is probably more grating than the original fucking reason for one’s shouting! If the phrase isn’t falling from the mouth of the chronically "deaf" person, who refuses to acknowledge their hearing deficiency (and one’s exasperation), it’ll be uttered by the chronic kidder, clown or joker character, who refuses to take anything seriously unless bitchslapped round the face with it. Trust me folks, with such characters there’s every fucking need to SHOUT!


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2 Responses to The Vivisection of Dumbarse Phrases Continues

  1. The people that say that are always the ones who made you do it in the first place!!!

  2. Haha. Also, when people say “Calm down!” or “Cheer up!”
    Has anyone EVER actually calmed down or cheered up, just because some irritating twat told them to?!

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