Response to a My Space entry by Firelover (fnguitard04) concerning Kanye West….

Pah! Who the fuck cares about most celebrity opinions? We all know that
said celebrity opinions are generic and worthless – especially in
comparison to mine!


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5 Responses to Response to a My Space entry by Firelover (fnguitard04) concerning Kanye West….

  1. I disagree. I think that Kanye spoke his mind and said what a lot of other people felt. I think it is the governments place to come in and help in situations like this. But no. They took their sweet time helping those poor people trapped in NOLA. People without food or water in stifling heat.
    How the hell can the President stand for that ? What is his problem ?

    • MRDA says:

      I’m referring to the whole “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” shtick mainly; I just thought it silly and short-sighted. the combo of ethnicity *and* economics played a hand in this, not just the former. If this happened in Buttfuck, Deliverance – basically anywhere where stereotypically “poor white trash” are – I reckon you might see similar shitty government intervention, seeing as how po’ White Confed dwellers are seen in a similar vein to po’ Black Americans.
      An exception to this could well be Texas – you’d bet Georgie-boy would be all over that shit the very second disaster struck there!
      This is more economic than ethnocentric in my eyes,though I won’t deny that the latter have been a major element – Kanye’s comment was ignorant though, ignoring those victims of tragedy who weren’t black. He’s doing the same thing he accuses Bush of by shooting off on an agenda – and a predictable, generic one at that….
      All the same Mike Meyer’s reaction was priceless!

      • Well he did mention poor people too. But yeah, I can see your point as well. But I think the whole world can agree that Bush fucked up big time on this one.

        • jdcooper says:

          i see everyone’s point about the government aid and emergency relief not being present, but i find it hilarious and faintly ridiculous when everyone complains about the president not being there himself personally. exactly what good would his presence have done? unless he had some massive sponge or something? he is a bumbling fool (he even gives Kanye West a run for his money – now theres a thought, how hilarious would a televised debate between those two be!) with (stop me if im wrong) not much hands-on experience at actually helping with emergency response to natural disasters. if it were up to me i would want useless surplus suits like him out of there so there is more room and more effort allocated to things like.. um, water? sorry, that was some rambling go off the point on my behalf..

  2. goodbye_doll says:

    hehehe SO very true

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