Rational Self-Interests Elaborated

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  1. atheism:
    My Christian faith started disintegrating in my mid-teens, when I began to ponder questions such as “If the world was meant to be perfect why plonk a tree with Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden?”

    By 20, I had decided that I was an atheist, with lack of any empirical evidence to back up the claims and hollerings of those around me concerning the existence of “the Creator”; also the character of the Deity I was expected to bow down to prostrate measured up as far from exemplary in my eyes.

    Whilst my atheism is primarily based on a lack of evidence of deities, I also take into account the mystery of the creation of the universe. “With what did it all kick off?” I often wonder. Nevertheless, I find the conjuring of so many oppressive spooks from this eternal mystery nothing short of presumptuous; furthermore, I find the santification of (and submission to) such hallucinations in the form of religion to be nothing short of debasing. Thus, I treat any attempt to persuade me to “have faith in” and submit to these fabrications with the utmost derision and contempt nowadays.

    Don’t worry about my soul, Mr Preacher Man – you’ve got more than enough on your hands trying to salvage your own!

  2. debate:
    Debate is a healthy and treasured activity. I believe that one should test one’s views and ideas in cerebral combat with others as much as possible, particularly with friends; it helps refine one’s viewpoint, throwing to light weaknesses you may not have previously examined for improvement. It’s also a good way to affirm oneself in the world and say “this is what I value”……

    …..that, and it can be a great laugh! ^_^

  3. free speech:
    Crucial to anything approaching a free and open society, free speech should apply for everyone no matter how controversial, suspect or plain fucked-up their views may be. Things such as speech codes, deporting people for mouthing dodgy opinions, censorship and other such Orwellian lovelies are not conducive to the goal of implementing any sort of “Free World” nation or society.
  4. human potential:
    Hopefully the erosion of various slave moralistic superstitions will give rise to a non-linear approach to human growth and fulfillment, encouraging the implementation of various new technologies, philosophies and perspectives for each of us to create our own diverse, myriad and abundant futures.
  5. lucifer:
    The figure of Lucifer has been the victim of much bad press for many a millenia. Lucifer, meaning “light-bearer”, is often portrayed as God’s evil, eternal adversary by many a Christian dogma; the truth is probably closer to the other way round. It was the Devil who opened up a whole universe of possibilities to Man when he tempted Eve to feast from the Tree of Knowledge in Genesis, freeing her and Adam from being God’s ignorant, unthinking dependents.

    Although I don’t entertain any thoughts of such a being existing in reality, I cannot deny the powerful symbolic significance behind the character.

  6. my own thoughts:
    What I build this here journal with! I often use this journal me to record my thoughts on the external world – as I see and experience it! The objective world offers me fodder for my subjective thoughts as chronicled here.

    I believe it important to define (and redefine) one’s loves and loathings, to better get an idea of how to “get the value out of oneself.” This journal is a useful and valued tool – without cultivating a habit of singular thought, one risks being drowned in the sludge that is group-think or massmindedness….

  7. philosophy:
    Philosophy, used well, can prove a powerful tool in liberating one from externally-imposed constraints, taboos and prejudices, allowing one to build up an internal, self-directed “locus of control”. Certain others have a lot to gain from persuading the populace that philosophical exploration is nowt more than an interesting, masturbatory waste of time – dissuade people from helping themselves and you keep them in your power. Much like the rationale behind orchestrated drug addiction, except laws and “social programs” are the narcs, and governments are the pushers.
  8. romance:
    I see a distinct need for more of it in everyday life; doing things in a grand, audacious or non-mundane style; having grand, audacious and non-mundane plans – stuff like so. Living one’s life as a work of art is a good idea as far as I’m concerned.

    As for the amorous type of romance? Hmmm! Let’s say I’m very much in the process of re-evaluating its place in my life at present – possibility or pipedream? The question remains unanswered….

  9. standing apart:
    Vitally important – I work toward acquiring an abundance of courage and fortitude to free myself as completely as possible from the tyranny of mass “thought”.

    When the plug gets pulled on the Matrix, will you stand proud and liberated, or crumple and fall along with all the other dead vessels of meat?

  10. unleashing ares:
    A particularly favourite hobby of mine, particularly on this journal (hence its name)! Letting one’s righteous indignation have a voice is both practical and pleasurable, being a definite marker of one’s boundaries and a surefire indicator of one’s values.


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5 Responses to Rational Self-Interests Elaborated

  1. Lucifer
    I think you should read Paradise Lost. Because I felt the same way about Lucifer, although I honestly had to return it to the library before I finished it; I thought it was pretty good for the most part. Although it had it’s slow bits.

  2. jdcooper says:

    i always thought: if god is so all-forgiving and all-loving, then what incentive is there for humans, and even christians for that matter, to follow god’s rules? humans need an incentive, its what separates us from trees and things, the will to want good for ourselves.

  3. kasku says:

    I love your religious views. They’re exactly like mine but worded better! You make a brilliant point about Lucifer.

  4. majinchu says:

    You have made a new friend.

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