“ROLE MODEL” SUPER-TRAP!! A Polemic Against The Moss-Minded!

Holy fucking shit! Kate Moss takes DRUGS!?!?

Well, stop the front page, motherfucker!

Seriously, what is the big deal, eh? She’s just one in a million heroin-chic whores in her industry – the only thing she did that was such a “gross indecency” was being caught in the act. Yes, she’s fucking up on her chosen obligation to her daughter – you can’t parent effectively when you’re drooling in rehab – but beyond that, just what is the big how-to-do about all this?

Fuck planting bombs on buses or crashing planes into buildings – snort a line and your status as Satan is assured!

The papers have been an unrelenting shitstorm of anti-Moss editorials all week; reports of three-way lesbian orgies, drug-fuelled promiscuity, snort sessions with other models….

I honestly think that the tabloids have done more to damage Moss’s future than Moss herself!

And does anyone hate the moralistic hand-wringing about “setting a bad example” as much as I do? If so please make yourself heard at some point! All this blather about how Kate’s “in the spotlight”, “an icon for youth” and – dear fucking Lucifer – a “role model” is just the bleating of a thousand slavish hive minds who think that celebrity should make one a slave to every voiceless, faceless disciple who sits on their ass admiring from below. Sorry, Moral Majoritarians, Part-time Parents and doe-eyed, dumbass Teen Queens but whatever her flaws and fuck-ups, Miss Moss’s life doesn’t belong to you. Fix up or become another Darwin Award nominee.

From guys like Marilyn Manson and Eminem to this?

Get a grip, people! If it’s that much of a deal to you Ma ‘n’ Pa, act like a fucking parent and set an example yourself and maybe, just maybe, your little princess won’t grow up to become an anorexic, narcissistic crack-whore sucking cocks for rocks. You chose responsibility for raising your kid; you, and not Marilyn Manson, Eminem or Kate “the Great Satan” Moss chose the task. Chastising celebrities for not doing your work for you is just a projection of your own failings onto those not answerable for them.

As for the whole legal angle of Mossgate? Well, if I had my way, there would be no legal side, thus all the bleatings that she should be sent away for her “crime” are nowt but ethereal emissions to me.

And, let’s not forget the hypocrisy of the fashion companies who jettisoned the poor bitch! It’s okay to flaunt faux-drug use as part of your aesthetic but when Kate gives ya real heroin-chic, you get cold feet?

Like I said, the only real mistake Kate made, as far as all parties were concerned, was getting herself caught….


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11 Responses to “ROLE MODEL” SUPER-TRAP!! A Polemic Against The Moss-Minded!

  1. konami says:

    Well said.
    role-models are such an insane idea. How does somebody become a role-model? There’s really no so thing. People pick Role-Models. But hell, I never did.. who the hell needs a role-model when you have a moral-model. XD

  2. phyrbyrd says:

    The whole celebrity-as-role-model thing makes me want to kick holes in walls. A role model should have to earn the title – my role models as a writer and drummer are Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Chad Smith and Joey Jordison. All of them are good at what they do, and their skill is something to aspire to.
    Why do we now have people like Abi Titmuss, apparently a celebrity only for having large breasts? Or Jade Goody, famous for having been on a game show? Kate Moss is apparently a role model because she’s pretty. So we should follow in someone’s tracks because of the way they look? Or is this a charisma thing? Either way, what has she actually *done*?

    • MRDA says:

      Why do we now have people like Abi Titmuss, apparently a celebrity only for having large breasts?”
      That and fucking Jon Lesley (and sundry other stars) – and filming bisexual three-ways, let’s not forget!
      As for Moss, well – ya need summat to hang your clothes off….

  3. staxxy says:

    the idea that supermodels make good role models is INSANE.
    these are women with intentional eating disorders.
    these are women with plastic surgery to warp their bodies into an unrealistic ideal.
    these are women without social lives, and often without social graces.
    Of all the celebrity types available, supermodels should be the LAST ones to be shining examples of rolemodels.
    drug use or not.

    • MRDA says:

      Unfortunately many stupid young girls have taken these clothes-horses on as role models; I still recall the spate of anorexia cases in the 90s amongst my age group at the time.
      The exquisite beauty of massmind thought, no?
      The irony is that the supermodel template is amongst the least attractive ideals as far as I’m concerned; Lindsay Lohan used to be quite edible (pun not intended) circa Mean Girls, but now she’s shriveled down to Hollywood coke-whore proportions – hardly what I’d call attractive!

  4. noshot says:

    Oh, I sympathize. I always get caught doing something bad.

  5. obscurenity says:

    Who the fuck is Kate Moss?

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