Sweet Lucifer!!! Are you having a laugh?

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Not what I expected, but still great, September 9, 2005

Reviewer: Murry D. (Boca Raton, FL) – See all my reviews

I really enjoyed this movie, I think it is the best one of the year, but
it’s not what I expected when I walked into the theater. I have always
loved Sim City, in fact I have every version of it on my computer
dating back to the original Sim City all the way to Sim City 4 with the
Rush Hour Expansion Pack, but I don’t see how they got the material for
the movie from a game with no violence or even characters to speak of,
much less tortured anti-heroes like in the movie. Ah well, it is still
a fun and thrilling movie.

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It certainly helped me get a good laugh, certainly!


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9 Responses to Sweet Lucifer!!! Are you having a laugh?

  1. orobouros says:

    Check out the first user review here. 🙂

  2. rinku says:

    sim city had tons of violence. you could bulldoze buildings and traffic jams with people still in them, you could burn down a city, you could get crime rate to be like 90%, you could call natural disasters to your town whenever you wanted to (including bowser).

  3. ex_req431 says:

    haahah poor guy

  4. Ha ha ha. Nice, but not as good as the Ping review.

  5. bastardzero says:

    Ah-jyp! Ah-but! Ah-juh! Ah-Wup! (Flustered, stuttering nonsense)

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