MRDA On The Waste Of Cerebral Sperm That Is [Supersize Me]…..

(Originally a response to another My Space blog by Firelover…)

Anyone who sees that fucking “documentary” as “illuminating,” “groundbreaking,” “eye-opening” or whatever is a surefire future candidate for a motherfucking Darwin Award! Easily the most pointless film/documentary ever made; yet what makes its existence all the more of a chancre sore is the fact that the fucking Hive of Humanity sit around in bundles, masturbating over the amazing “revelation” such a piece of shit offers.

In the 90s, it was bare canvases in art museums; this decade sees the masses descending a whole rung lower in aesthetic and intellectual appreciation; thus the success of this patronising – nay, intellectually insulting – “expose.”

Even though just sloganeering propaganda, at least Fahrenheit 9-11 has some ground for existing…..


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7 Responses to MRDA On The Waste Of Cerebral Sperm That Is [Supersize Me]…..

  1. bastardzero says:

    Word! Most of this new liberal expose stuff is like making an expose that reveals that Hitler was not a nice man.
    My favorite thing in documentaries right now is the right wing though. There isn’t a single right wing doc that isn’t about A) How fat and stupid Michael Moore is or B) How Ann Coultier is only half as evil as everyone says.

  2. ghostdog_ says:

    Well said. The annoying part about Supersize Me is that it’s supposed to be an ‘expose’ of something which is basically common knowledge.

  3. staxxy says:

    unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans need to be beat over the head with a stick in order to see the facts.
    Consider that Bush was *re-elected*. that takes a majority vote.
    I am not proud of the average IQ of my nation, but I do recognize where it is. *sigh* I am fairly certain that the median IQ is around 95.
    So I am glad for the Supersize Me and Fahrenheit 9-11 films. I have no USE for them, personally, but I am glad they exist to open a few eyes to the reality of the situation. Most people around this country simply do not pay enough attention to the world around or in front of them. Hell, most of them are looking for someone to blame the hurricanes on. *rolls eyes*

    • MRDA says:

      Of course, even an IQ-95-er should know that too much fried food will lead to bad things happening – especially if it’s consumed every day over a long period (as I believe said “documentary” demonstrates).
      The fact that one too many Extra Value Meals is obvious – glaringly so! Empirically observable when walking out on the street. Even those touching the median you stated would be insulted by the creation of said film – and rightly so!
      F 9-11 is more excusable, seeing that many of the governments nefarious wranglings go on behind closed doors. As biased as it may be, it relies having on a large amount of truth to bend and embellish; you’re more likely to get belief and support for a half-truth than you are an outright lie.

      • staxxy says:

        🙂 It is sweet that you give the median american so much credit. They do not, in my experience, earn that credit though. They really *are* this dumb.
        “you mean, if I eat greasy foods I will gain weight?” Most of America is considered to be grossly obese. While a few of them are *geneticly*, the majority are convinced that there is nothing they can do to change that… Including not eating fast food 5 or more times a week. (it really is that common “I have no idea why I can’t lose weight, I walk a lot” meaning that they walk to their car, drive to work, and walk into the building, “I have no idea why I can’t lose weight, I drink those slimfast shakes” One in the morning *with* breakfast, have fast food for lunch because of time constraints, drink another shake in the afternoon for a snack, have one in the evening with dinner which is often 5 times what they should be eating – People here are really really dumb, especially when it comes to food).
        As for F-9/11 –
        while he is prone to exaggeration and a bit of extrapolation, the film is not as innaccurate as you are implying it is, unfortunately. While I am not a proponnent of Michael, most of the crap he talks about in the film is stuff I already *knew* from having to study what was happening when I was in school in the late 80s and getting in the habit of paying attention to smaller stories in the news. The Bush family actually did go on vacation with the Bin Laden family at least once, that I recall, in the 80s. There are a number of questionable actions regarding this president, most of them have been brought up in the press and then quashed immediately. There is a certain question of timing, with regards to large events and our president – they seem to coincide with times when he is under serious scrutiny. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but perhaps it isn’t.
        Conspiracy crackpot or not, when you lay all of the actual facts out, side by side, patterns of logic really do emerge.

        • jdcooper says:

          i agree. the maker of Supersize Me didnt supply everyone in america with fat suits, they really are that stupid, and incapable of seeing even the most shallowly-concealed examples of cause and effect. while to you (dan) and i the points made might seem obvious, the simple fact is that, as ridiculous as it may seem, the point did have to be made (again (because people dont read, listen or think)) and it was hyped up because, unless messages like that are put in the most brutally obvious way possible, they dont care either. i really dont see how Supersize Me was all that offensive really, it wasnt a revelatory concept that fast food is bad for you, as you say, but some of the other statistics, as regarding people’s eating habits, pretty shocking, and informative.

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