ANNIVERSARY!!! MRDA Completes the 24th Chapter!!

Prising apart his eyelids, MRDA began his New Year with a groan ….

… and with a cry of “Viva the Age of War!!” resolved to power through….


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15 Responses to ANNIVERSARY!!! MRDA Completes the 24th Chapter!!

  1. staxxy says:

    happy Birthday sugar!!

  2. ghostdog_ says:

    Woo, happy birthday.

  3. jsangspar says:

    Keep on rockin’ in the fascist state !!

  4. Happy Birthday !

  5. Have a great one!

  6. newedition says:

    Happy Birthday, MRDA!

  7. obscurenity says:

    Happy Birthday! =D

  8. rinku says:

    Happy Birthday.
    But this, the age of war? You have to be kidding, or have to mean something else. The “wars” today are like playground disputes compared to the average state of the “peace” 100 years ago.

  9. Well done.
    Think of it… You’re one quarter of a century old.

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