On Defilement and Desert


So, if the news sources and statistics stand to be believed, a third of Britons believe that women who act flirtatiously aid and abet their rape.

Reading about this in various media made me think about a few things….

Many peeps reel in horror whenever someone argues in favour of women bringing on their own rape by sleeping around/wearing “provocative” clothing/flirting and what-have-you, arguing, quite rightly, that one cannot take responsibility for the actions of others – all well and good…

…and yet, many of the same people who would argue on the side of self-responsibility and the inexcusability of rape (myself included, at times) would nevertheless cry: “(s)he had it coming” in an instance involving non-sexual violence. An example of such malice would be someone chatting shit about some next person unjustifiably, only to be met with a smack in the gob for their malice; how many would see in that act the fist of justice as opposed to the vice of violation?


And what of the child – the slip of a person – who disobeys the rule structure of his environment (i.e: his home) and meets with a “good hiding” for his transgressions?

Similar premises undermine all these circumstances; yet some would frown at any talk of justice or desert in the former, whilst asserting the existence of such in the latter two ….

Just an observation….


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