Summation! The Past Week Justifies the Great Contempt!

It seems that a richness of the contemptible characterized many of the major news stories which broke over the past week….


First in my line of fire stands Ruth Kelly, the British Secretary of State for Education; it would amuse me intensely if her smug mug got pulled from office in the wake of this fiasco of escalating proportions. I for one wonder what the fuck spins through her head for her to allow convicted child sex offenders anywhere near the radius of an educational facility….

….then again, those who view public schooling as legalized child abuse could view this as taking things to the logical limit….

… viewing the situation through those lenses, one can’t really succeed in feeling much in the way of surprise….


We move from child molestation to the financial equivalent, as I cast my eye over the guy I ever-so-affectionately refer to as John “Two Bellies” Prescott; seems as if Not-so-Little Johnny has been a very naughty boy indeed, what with “forgetting” to pay his own fucking Council Tax!

Such a convenient oversight, no?

Then again, it’s often said that a good leader makes himself an example – perhaps the good taxpayers of Britain should keep hold of that thought in this instance, hmm?

Mecca-nichal Animals

In regard to the recent events in Mecca, I can only shake my head and laugh at concepts and principles such a tragicomic situation illustrates – I can’t bring to mind a better example of a massmind fucking itself over with its own precepts! The death toll speaks for itself – blind, slavish adherence to foolish traditions proves fatal to one’s future prospects…..

…..or, to look at it another way, if you fuck with the Devil, your ass gets the horns!


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