Experiment!! MRDA’s Themes for 2006!

For all its strengths, 2005 resulted in getting very little done. I don’t really wanna go into a retrospective fucking breakdown, except to say that I marked the year with the biggest lull in activity and creation yet (and hopefully ever). All the resolutions that I made with intent at the beginning of the year, I failed to follow through.

Thus as an experiment, and a spur to act without feeling burdened by overhanging, ominous Must-Dos which can denigrate into chores, I wish to propose a differing approach for myself, one which allows for more breathing room and open-endedness…..

…. instead of rigid resolutions, I propose instead broad, more catholic, themes which can encompass a variety of goals as the year progresses – I propose for myself themes for 2006!

And these themes consist of….

1)Decreasing the societal input – This will probably involve looking into NLP and what it has to offer in this regard; the “reframing” technique could prove extremely useful. How can it aid me in my goal of breaking the mass society’s influence over my thoughts and actions? Also – is a certain degree of sociopathy conducive to a more internally-influenced biostate?

2)Increasing confidence – Again, I can use NLP as a tool to make progress in this area and perhaps maybe Branden’s sentence-completion exercises (although from past experience, I’m dubious). Also, retracing my steps to pinpoint the triggers that impair self-belief and induce social anxiety in myself.

3)Increasing my appeal – Asking myself (and answering) key questions in this regard will aid advancement greatly. What do I want – at this point in time – in relation to women? What kinda qualities do I desire in potential partners? What kind of interests would be conducive to an optimal interaction between us? How does personal philosophy come into play? What traits prove to be attraction killers and/or “deal-breakers”? Are there “wild card” factors that cause me to ignore the presence of flaws or the lack of virtues and/or commonalities? What behaviours should I guard against in relation to women?

4)Fighting the massmind – I guess this counts as the active/aggressive form of theme #1, as this isn’t so much a moral imperative as it is an egocentric will-to-power. As long as I live in this world I’m affected by the same negative, bullshit ideas and ideologies as everyone else; even if I can keep dodgy ideas from nesting in my subconscious, I still find myself surrounded by those who use said dodgy ideas to make decisions that – directly or indirectly – take effect to kneecap my quality of life and living. Expect more conniptions contra the mad, bad and sad ones who, due to unquestioned memetic programming, see fit to edit and rewrite key aspects of my narrative (and yours). Let every religionist retard be crucified upon his own cross; let the dogs if democracy be put to sleep; let the tyrants of totalitarianism, the bastards of bureaucracy be deposed and de-suited; and if I “peace” and “submission” be synonymous (as Islam would have one believe) then – VIVA THE AGE OF WAR!!

5)Time-mastering – Thus far, my lack of mastery of this temporal measuring stick seems to fuck me over on a semi-regular basis; that said, it’s probably in my best interest to get more regimental with myself in this regard. The trouble is that it’s easy enough to (eventually) quit something bad if it harms you directly and obviously; a veritable struggle however, the detrimental wears a pretty mask.

Which leads me onto….

6)Procrastination-puncturing – I’m not sure if I should conflate this with the previous theme or not – nevertheless, it stands separately. Procrastination pretties herself up for the seduction, consummating her (anti-) passion at every lowering of her guard – thus I must build up a “No chingues!” resistance ” to fend off her charms. Again, getting to the root courses of my attraction to her will help me transcend it…

7)Transcending “Last Man” employment – I know where I am and have an idea of where I wish to go – the question remains: How do I get there? How do I go from part-time, in an electrical retail outlet to making a satisfying living from this – expressing thought and imagination through the written word? I know writing is hardly a lucrative profession, especially for newbies to the market, so I’d certainly need a back-up job to support me; and yet, I know I’d require more than just a minimum-wage grind to satisfy me, even in that instance! How can I find a back-up job that nevertheless satisfies me on a level beyond financial?

8)Animé & movie-viewing – I definitely need to watch all the stuff I buy, as I’ve been severely lax there; I also need to watch more intently, citing factors shared between the moving and written narrative; how can reviewing help me to this end, as well as the end of broadening my career horizons?

9)Writing – What techniques can I utilize to add variety to my poetry sculptures? What conditions lend well to prolific output? How can certain esoteric methods aid the creation of a world and inhabitants for said world? How do I approach the currently in-hiatus Slademaru project? Can I come up with a better name for the damn project than Slademaru ? All these questions, and more….

Quite a handful of themes to experiment with during the next 351 days, no? Here’s to rich results and an overall evolution over the next eleven months and two weeks….


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  1. rinku says:

    A bit too vague/abstract. It’s better to have concrete goals. At the end of 2006, how easy would it be to determine if you’ve followed these or not? Quite difficult, since they aren’t very concrete. Better would be things like:
    8) Watch enough of the anime and movies I own that 90% of what I own has been watched by me. Write a review of each anime/movie I watch in my LJ.

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