Another instance of Mohammedan Motherfuckery……

You couldn’t fucking make it up……

The idiot slave moralist opening his mouth and spouting his divine line of bollocks proves himself bitchslap-worthy enough….

….but the really fucked-up thing about this particular sorry episode remains Burger King’s eagerness to kowtow to his dumbfuck demands!

Even taking into account that BK say: “Have it your way”, this strikes me as fucking ridiculous! Burger King – why does your pride desert you at the point when you need it most? Should I rechristen you now Burger Bitch?

And the humour quotient? This seems a thinly-veiled, microcosmic re-enaction of Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals – the pathetic slave bringing the master to his knees merely by demanding that said master fellate the phallus of Morality(TM)….

This public relation? Such a disaster…..

Fuck the slave, and fuck the master!


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7 Responses to Another instance of Mohammedan Motherfuckery……

  1. Does it suck living in a nation that PC?

  2. ghostdog_ says:

    You know, it would be brilliant if it turns out that guy happens to just be protesting how stupid all this shit is by coming up with such nonsesne. I know he won’t, but it stikes me as a good protest-method, sink them by making up such ridiculus shit.

    • bastardzero says:

      I’ve always thought it’d be great to infilitrate groups of extremist dolts and lean them towards shit so stupid that they’ll be seen as the fools they are, but the problem is, we’ve become so tolerant, so willing to roll over and take a hard extremist dick in the ass, that that won’t work anymore. There’s nothing an extremist group can do that’ll make them all look stupid. Christ, the Muslim extremists stole a bunch of airplanes and blew up our national monuments, and STILL we allow them to censor our fast food, and I can bet that an American publication would’ve apologized all to hell had it printed those comics. There is just no way to convince Americans that they have to say NO sometimes.

    • MRDA says:

      You know that would be great if it were true; the events of the past week kinda go against it, but now you mention it….

  3. newedition says:

    This really upsets me to see that people are willingly allowing themselves to be destroyed by militant Islam, from the inside out. By giving in to any of its demands, it only encourages them to make more demands, until the world is re-made to match their desires. “The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted moral slogans of tomorrow.” Those who apologize for non-offensive actions today, deserve to live in a freedom-less religious state tomorrow.

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