Looks like the smoking ban I mentioned in an earlier post has now gone and got the big OK from the pious prigs of Parliament .

A clear and unambiguous margin of 200 – don’t you just love democracy, ladies and gentlemen?

And as ever the ballot-blessed Health Nazi Secretary, Patricia Hewitt sugar coats her lust for social-engineering with the old sanctimonious shibboleth of “saving thousands of lives” – does the bitch want a Nobel Peace Prize or something? They should at least throw her an Oscar for a good performance….

Ingesting noxious fumes….passive smoking….I wonder if she’ll join forces with Ken Livingstone and propose a total ban on private transport in public places! If she actually gives a shit about the people passively ingesting fumes, I urge her to put her muscle where her mouth lies and push her philanthropic mission to its logical limits!

The stench of smoking slowly dissipates from the air, giving way to the fumes of fascism…..

I roll my eyes at the hypocrisy of the appropriately-named House of Commons imposing this ban, when it remains glaringly obvious that smoking prevails within its own walls – cocksmoking!


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25 Responses to Puff-etic!

  1. bastardzero says:

    Hahaha! I agree all around, and what a finish.

  2. rinku says:

    If you have to ban *a* drug, smoking is the one you should ban. Alcohol would be second choice. The other drugs are much less harmful. Nonetheless, no drug should be banned. Still, it’s odd that the most dangerous drugs are the ones that no one dares ban completely.

  3. jsangspar says:

    Cocksmoking needs to be mentioned in more serious rants. Well done!
    Penn & Teller: Bullshit! includes an episode where they discuss that not a single study has ever linked lung cancer and inhalation of second-hand smoke. The likelihood of lung cancer in non-smokers exposed to small amounts were 10 in 1,000,000. The likelihood of lung cancer in non-smokers who lived and worked around smokers and inhaled plenty of it was 12.5 in 1,000,000; a statistically insignificant difference.
    I think people should lay off smokers but I totally also think it is dumb to smoke.

  4. cluebyfour says:

    You too, huh? Yes, the nanny statists have marched across the globe.
    I think what this assholes really want is to end all social interaction. I’ll be much more inclined to stay home if this bill passes.

    • MRDA says:

      All hail the health-conscious, atomised, global nanny state of the future!
      Rather paradoxically, this sate-mandated obsession with regulating our health spreads across the “free” Western world like a virus….

  5. jdcooper says:

    ohh i have used the analogy to cars in so many debates about this in the last couple of days, but everyone rejects it “cos cars are like, great…” and people’s collective and irrational obsession with luxury and convenience dictates that they are never going to admit to flaws in something that means they can get away with being lazier than they otherwise would be. aaaand, wrt Hewitt’s health-conscious crusade, can someone not point to the 30,000 alcohol-related deaths a year in the UK alone and suggest to her that she do something about that? but no, that would never fly, since her and all the other rich hypocritical W.A.S.P. cunts who populate the House of “Commons”, but apparently not the real world, enjoy their tipple, so see nothing wrong with it. aside from the fact that smoking makes you look cool (shh, it does) and drinking makes you into a pathetic mess. though im sure its not aesthetics (unless you mean the aesthetic pleasure the New Labour penpushing army get from the sight of their voting record matching exactly to the roll-call of “opinions endorsed by the front page of the Daily Mail”…)
    politics aside, this has upset me quite a lot on a social level, since smoking in pubs is something i very much enjoy, and do quite a lot. everyone round mine!

  6. phyrbyrd says:

    OK, I’m gonna come across as a total prude here, but I’m glad this law got passed. I’ve had to stop going to my local because the thick fog of fag smoke makes my eyes sting and aggravates my asthma – and given that most British socialising is done in smoke-filled rooms, my social life hasn’t been very active of late.
    What I really hate is when I mention my side of the argument and people look at me as though me having a resperatory illness is somehow my fault and I am a party pooper through CHOICE.
    Seriously, the world does not revolve around you smokers and your tobacco.

    • I have to agree… I developed pneumonia, lost my job and health insurance, and spent three months recovering in a recliner in my parents’ living room thanks to the second-hand smoke in my then-work environment. I’m currently very frustrated that my redneck state is one of the few not to have ANY air quality laws regarding the workplace. There’s a “smoking room”, which, in a building with only one ventilation system, is like having a “pissing corner” in a pool. I’m currently taking daily allergy medication and way too many painkillers to deal with the chronic sinus headaches.
      And I would LOVE to live long enough to see a replacement for fossil fuels, or to see the automotive industries lose enoug of their power to allow full development of alternative transportation methods.

    • MRDA says:

      “Seriously, the world does not revolve around you smokers and your tobacco.”
      I thought we cleared this up the last time….
      And, speaking of my last smoking-related entry – and your main point – I remember having a go at the publicans themselves for not setting their own limits and standards for how their own pubs operate. I don’t particularly care for smoking per se; I do however care about the way in which the government slowly regulates our private affairs like some patronizing parent figure who needs a child to baby and manage “for his/her own good” – even when the child is anything but!
      Private bans wouldn’t bother me at all, personally speaking. This however equates to do-gooderism via the barrel of a gun….

      • phyrbyrd says:

        Where are you from? I’m fairly certain it’s not Britain because if it was and you really don’t smoke, like you say, you’d be pissed off by the constant cloud hanging over all social events too.
        Rant about the ID cards instead, they’re a much bigger thing to worry about.

        • MRDA says:

          The Goody-Goody Gestapo piss me off more….
          I’ll rant about what I wish, cheers! Though now you mention it, I’ve got an ID card tirade brewing in light of the week’s developments….
          And just because I don’t share your exact views on this matter, I must just be living in a different country? Sweet!

    • rinku says:

      A lot of people in my family have asthma, so don’t think I’m saying this out of lack of sensitivity, but cigarette smoke is not the only thing that aggravates it, correct? Should we ban *everything* airborne that aggravates it?

  7. phyrbyrd says:

    Calm down now, please, I didn’t mean it like that. I was only asking because I thought if you lived in, say, America, it might be possible for you to socialise without choking. The smoking thing is one of my long-standing irritations and after a lifetime of second hand smoke I’ve come to the conclusion that people will only stop breathing it in my face if they’re made to, because people are inconsiderate and thoughtless, as a whole.
    You know you’re on my friends list because I your posts are generally worth reading and thought-provoking, so you shouldn’t get hacked off if you inspire debate. I’m looking forward to the ID cards rant.

    • MRDA says:

      Oh, I don’t object at all to debate – just to the rash assumptions you seemed to put across to go with your otherwise valid counter-arguments.
      In any case, I’m gonna post another ciggie related post in the next 24 hours before taking on the ID Card behemoth….

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