Tragicomic TV!! Does NHS stand for ‘Necrophiliac Health Service’?

Now I know what the spoils of my payslip’s rape (i.e. income tax) contribute toward….

I see that the NHS has revived its ‘Giving Up Smoking’ campaign – hmm, I wonder what spurred that, eh?

My first exposure to it? Sitting in front of the TV after a return from work and a hearty eat and viewing this and this….

And I had to admit, I burst forth with laughter, particularly at the second ad!

Callous? Maybe, but the “victim” at the heart of this campaign just struck me as a pathetic specimen; not so much a human as an aggregate of rotting meat and bones, embracing Thanatos with legs wide open. Nothing screams pitiful louder than a terminal lung cancer case talking about buying a plot of burial land on national TV – after knowingly acting toward their own demise!

I also couldn’t help thinking how similar this line of campaign seems to the deathbed/death row-bound “sinner” who “finds God”, all the while hungering for some kind of absolution. Is this bitch hoping for a (posthumous) Nobel Prize too?

Seriously where does the NHS get off pushing these soon-to-be-cadavers in our faces; these cadavers huffing and wheezing at us to “give up”, acting as if they just discovered the elixir of death came in the shape of a packet of Benson & Hedges?

And all this orchestrated by the government’s own NHS – how sweet!

They really want to care for about cancer patients after all – never mind those occasional glitches in credibility

Once again, it’s nice to know that the Powers that Be didn’t pilfer my earnings in vain – I guess I can count on them to give me good return on the off-chance I contract cancer, huh? (Lucifer forbid!)


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