And I thought the country I reside in fucked-up!?! Pah!

Christian slave morality strikes again – and you say the Jihadists treat their women like chattel and hate “our freedoms”?!? Hmm…


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12 Responses to And I thought the country I reside in fucked-up!?! Pah!

  1. konami says:

    I never understood anti-abortionists. If it’s really so wrong.. just let them go to hell for it. ^^

    • rinku says:

      Their perspective is that it’s equivalent to murder, remember. It’s not, but if they believe it is, their behavior is justified.

      • harlockhero says:

        i’m not so sure. thinking that it’s murder doesn’t necessarily provide the impetus for bringing the issue into “THE COURT OF MAN”, it would be more in line with biblical doctrine to do as konami said and pray for their souls, while letting god have the judgement.

        • bastardzero says:

          There are plenty of anti-abortionists who don’t even believe in God.

        • rinku says:

          Not true: if it were you, and you believed millions of lives were being murdered every year before they could live our their lives (and abortion does occur millions of times per year, even just in the United states, even though the number of females in the united states is only about 150 million!) you would take it to the court of man too.

  2. cluebyfour says:

    Fortunately South Dakota is but a pimple on the ass of America. This is just a political ploy to get the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade. I’m hoping SCOTUS won’t take the bait.

  3. bastardzero says:

    I don’t think any American president has used the word Freedom in speeches as much as Bush. He’s also the only president I know of who said there should be limits on Freedom, particularly, Freedom Of Speech.
    Because nobody is standing up and making things legal again, I do worry we might have nothing left in another decade or two.

    • rinku says:

      “He’s also the only president I know of who said there should be limits on Freedom, particularly, Freedom Of Speech.”
      Abe Lincoln locked up tens of thousands of folks in the North who supported the South, just for saying they did. So it’s not new.

      • bastardzero says:

        There have always been crazy things like that during wars, but Bush said that before the war in Iraq. More things are being made illegal every day than legal. Any nut who wants something banned in this country will get it banned.

    • konami says:

      This would be nothing new if you lived in any other part of the world. In Canada I hear “freedom os speech is a responsiblity” at least every week. In the US the president may not say it but the senators sure do… There’s a ton of people in the free world who think there’s aught to be limits.
      In the end though, it only matters if your freedom of speech is being infringed on or not.

      • bastardzero says:

        How much our freedoms are being infringed is the same thing as how much we allow them to be infringed. I’m not lying, I would kill a police officer who tried to arrest me for something I said. If more people thought that way, they’d be giving freedoms back to us left and right and they’d think long and hard before trying to take anything from us again.

  4. seriously though, i sometimes don’t even know what happened to this country. okay, i do, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. some how we’ve been set back so many years and it’s extremely frightening. a few months ago i had to vote against a measure to make it illegal for underage girls in california to have abortions without parental consent. it was only narrowly defeated.

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