Re: “Concentration Camp” Ken

Being no fan of Ken Livingstone, I nevertheless harbour the urge to speak out about his unceremonious, one-month expulsion from office….

Given that Ken Livingstone likening Jewish reporter Oliver Finegold to a concentration camp guard could be labelled “unnecessarily insensitive” – not to mention a tad histrionic – why did people deem it necessary to take it any further than that?

Even though I’ve no love for the guy, the histrionicism bound within the reaction to Ken words far outweighs that of his own at the time of the outburst….

And many call his outburst racist!? In my mind, there’s more racism in what lies at the heart of this whole car wreck…

Any given members of any randomly chosen race can assert Nazi tendencies, like these fellows here…..

……so why should Jews be exempt from this equation?

Doesn’t any given Jew have as much right to act the Nazi as anyone else?

Talk about exclusionary measures……


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