Re: “Concentration Camp” Ken

Being no fan of Ken Livingstone, I nevertheless harbour the urge to speak out about his unceremonious, one-month expulsion from office….

Given that Ken Livingstone likening Jewish reporter Oliver Finegold to a concentration camp guard could be labelled “unnecessarily insensitive” – not to mention a tad histrionic – why did people deem it necessary to take it any further than that?

Even though I’ve no love for the guy, the histrionicism bound within the reaction to Ken words far outweighs that of his own at the time of the outburst….

And many call his outburst racist!? In my mind, there’s more racism in what lies at the heart of this whole car wreck…

Any given members of any randomly chosen race can assert Nazi tendencies, like these fellows here…..

……so why should Jews be exempt from this equation?

Doesn’t any given Jew have as much right to act the Nazi as anyone else?

Talk about exclusionary measures……


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10 Responses to Re: “Concentration Camp” Ken

  1. bastardzero says:

    Is that guy on the right in a pottery shop? The colorful walls and neatly arranged paints suggest that he is.
    ..Or I guess it could be a tattoo shop if you want to shit all over my dream of seeing a scary nazi-man who is ironically black hanging out in a pottery shop…

    • MRDA says:

      Alas, Gil – consider your dream shat upon!
      Also, the background for that bloke looks disturbingly like my old 6th Form/high school! ;_; I thought the place sucked enough dick, but this?

  2. biscayne says:

    Never thought I’d see a black Nazi. Again, one of the requirements for being a Nazi must be to be incredibly ugly. I wouldn’t want a tattoo of a swastika even if I was a Nazi.

    • MRDA says:

      I think a swastika tattoo equals that of a significant other’s name in terms of bad ideas (unless – maybe – if you’re Buddhist or Hindu and even then you might convert!)

  3. Clearly, the man with his face blurred is you!

    • MRDA says:

      Repping the 14/88 crew, yo! :p
      Seriously though, if anyone wants to knock me for not conforming to a media-idealised Black stereotype, I’ll point them in the direction of the above pic – now that’s what I call “self-hate” and “betraying your black roots”!

      • bastardzero says:

        When I say I don’t want to be black, it’s nothing against the race, it’s just because I want to be a filmmaker. Black filmmakers are only allowed to make movies that are conciously about being black. I ain’t need no NAACP protestin’ me because I made an action flick or a comedy instead of Roots 2. White people release movies as bad and cliche as Soul Plane all the time, but you don’t see nobody bashing Van Wilder for negatively stereotyping young white men. If Snoop Dogg weren’t so slick that nothing sticks, I’d feel for him because everytime he does something, Al Sharpton comes out and calls it a travesty.

  4. there was a small movement of disconnected latino nazi-sympathyzers at my school. coincidentally(riiiiight), they were all dumber than a bag of hammers.

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