Insidious Danger!!! Tread carefully lest you fall into the Reputation Trap!

Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.
Iago, Othello

Sometimes I wonder if people value external proprieties over naked honesty….

I planned on writing about this subject at some point, but the hi-jinks at work on Tuesday pushed this topic to the front of the queue.

So I sat in the canteen, in the presence of the female member of management, listening to another workmate talk about the “player” antics of his flatmate. Seems as if Paulie-boy’s lodge mate likes to keep the ladies on rotation! Skipping the details, he pontificated whether or not one of the girls – travelling from abroad out of love for Mr Manwhore – should know the truth of what awaited her.

It’s at this point that Ms. Manager bulldozes into the convo, her moral indignation locked and loaded, arguing (quite soundly): “It’s one thing to be a player but to say you care about someone and do all that!?”

Things get kinda awkward at this point – a pet peeve of mine remains listening to someone pausing and stuttering around for a euphemism when directness does the job more than adequately – and my conflicted colleague showed signs of slipping into such a state. “He says he likes her, yet he’s with her..and her…and…..”

In a prime display of MRDAness I cut through the red tape: “He just wants pussy!” I exclaimed, slaying any semblance of conversation that previously existed – and inadvertently awakening the PC peon in both my colleagues – particularly Ms Manager!

“I never expected you to say that,” she gasped, pulling a face which almost suggested the resurgence of her McDonald’s apple pie; she followed this up later in the day with a Shocked & Appalled(TM) “I’ve completely changed my opinion of you!”

Well, gee – so sorry to induce a cognitive rupture in your pre-packaged preconception – I’ll get the eggshells out next time, shall I?

“You don’t talk like that around girls, ” Paul said.


“You just don’t! Trust me,” came the response.

The moral of this story? Lick some metaphorical mu— I mean vagina in order to get a chance at licking some tangible twa– whoops, vagina! Cos all women operate on the same schematic, it seems….

Sorry, but Political Correctness (TM) does not a hard-on induce! Eloquence perhaps… .Eloquent vulgarity certainly! But Political Correctness (TM) in a woman? Neuro-Linguistic anti-Viagra!

Besides I grow sick and fucking tired of having these fucking “nice guy”,”gentleman,” or “goody-goody” templates superimposed over me by those who really know fuck-all. Yes I can be eloquent, polite etc; other times, I choose to be vulgar and uncouth; in my best moments I attain a synthesis of the two approaches, such as in this-here-journal of mine. At any time, I act these for my satisfaction and certainly not to live up to your incomplete, PG-13 opinion of me!

“Boohoo! You’re supposed to be _______!!!!” they cry…

… to which the appropriate response would be: “I never said I was _______ , now did I?”

Many people pride themselves on “their good reputation” or even for having a “notorious” reputation – they play up to these external opinions, lending them more in the way of power and weight. Other times, people imprint a first impression/ casual acquaintance/power relation/ utilitarian interactive perception of the Other into their memory as the first and final truth about said person – before inflicting said misguided view onto their target! Their esteem of Other then revolves around how well Other fits in the cage plays the role mentally assigned by the perceiver(s).

And if you rattle the perceiver’s cage you can be sure you’ll hear about it! En masse if you’re real unfortunate…..

….which leads me to wonder if people would much rather interact with types and templates than multi-faceted authentic individuals….

Robert Anton Wilson stresses, in Prometheus Rising, that perception and reality more often then not do not equate; yet it seems a lot of people prefer to interact according to what they see with their blurry mind-sight…..

Truly reputation is the cage instinct in the free man… (yes, and the free woman too!)


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