“Let’s all hold hands, and dance around in a magic circle – WE ARE ONE!!!”

“The most recent horror is the hideous, unbelievable violence shown so graphically on one TV show that it influenced two boys to butcher their mother. It seems to me that the guilty ones here are the writers, producers of that show, and the actors willing to participate, plus the ones that sponsor them with their commercials. If it were not for their dangerous influence, this would not have happened. They are as responsible for that woman’s tragic death as her sons that were influenced by their so-called “entertainment”.

“Remember what we said in the last chapter about mass consciousness? If enough people turned their focus toward peace, anything bad in the works can be averted.We would have to live, breathe, and see peace. Imagine the wonderful things that can happen ….Mass mind is a powerful thing. Let’s use it for a happy world.”

Shirley Lawrence (from Exploring Numerology: Life By the Numbers)

This shows why people should rarely – if ever – take New Agers seriously as valid social critics….

This wins the MRDA ‘Suck My Dick!’ award for the day….


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2 Responses to “Let’s all hold hands, and dance around in a magic circle – WE ARE ONE!!!”

  1. bastardzero says:

    I’d like to get in on that Sodomizing The Massmind New Age Cunt action. Should we take turns, or hit it from both ends?
    Even if she was right, what kind of world would that be? That’s right, a world without violent rock music, a world without action movies, a world where Stephen King, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and the Bible are banned and burned, and a world wherein footage of afore-mentioned banning and burning is banned and burned.

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