I do not say that you or I should let go of ‘ought’ and lay down forever the club of morality. I say simply that it is best to do so — for the health of your relationship with those you value and,fundamentally, for the sake of your own independence, self-trust, and happiness.

There is no such thing as good or evil
There is no universal right or wrong
There is only you…
and the values you choose for yourself.

Certainly, it’s true that today little work gets done when the boss isn’t watching, chaos ensues when governments fall, and violence sometimes occurs when the police aren’t around. But are these really indications that there is no other way we could organize society? Isn’t it possible that workers won’t get anything done unless they are under observation because they are used to not doing anything without being prodded—more than that, because they resent being inspected, instructed, condescended to by their managers, and don’t want to do anything for them that they don’t have to?

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  1. fuck yes is right!

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