From Automaton to Autonomous? MRDA Seeks A New Road….

So I started my little foray into finding a means to generate sources of automated income – or at least typed “self-generating income” and “automated income” into my search engine!

I think this avenue could prove *ahem* profitable or me if it yields success. Apart from the reason cited in my previous post (escaping the machinations of the treadmill), it gets me back much more time and energy to employ (ahem!) for other endeavours, such as socialising, accommodation-hunting, and my creative work. In regard to the latter, I reckon using such an income source eliminates or greatly reduces the factor of creating art for mercenary ends (which paradoxically could turn out more higher quality, sellable work) if successful. With regained time and assured income, one can keep monetary concerns faaaaaaaar in the background.

So yes, automated income – a potentially useful tool I plan to exploit for many an end of mine.

But for now, I hear the Babbitt bully-boys beckoning – guh!


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