An Oldie but a Goody! MRDA Contra (Celebrity) Big Brother Britain!



Well, I’m glad this whole Celeb Big Brother drama came to an end last week; keeping up with it (in every which way but actually watching the damn show) confirmed my suspicions about public morality being little more than the ruffling of peacock feathers.

Join me as I look at the whole sorry spectacle from a variety of angles…..

1) Quite why the Great British Public saw fit to strike a match on both Jade Goody and Channel Four and set them ablaze in a moral inferno escapes me – surely, the masses wanted, yearned for something like this. Do programs like Big Brother – as an unspoken rule – not thrive on strife; doesn’t cattiness, bitchery and general all round obnoxious behaviour constitute entertainment in the world of reality TV? Positivity, intelligence and decent conduct sow the seeds of boredom – and reduce viewing figures!

And who exactly does the viewing, hmm? Didn’t the British public elevate Jade to the position of celebrity she enjoys today? Did I miss something?

How lame the peeps blasting Channel Four come across as! As I said earlier, the guys at Four only do what they’ve done for the past seven years – creating a sensationalist show to milk the populace out of more productive ways to spend their time. Any and all means prove expedient to reach this end – get over it! You bought into it and encouraged it – deal!

2) Big Brother as a “social experiment”? Spare me your pretentious bullshit! All those bell-ends who justify their viewing on those grounds now want to erase the picture because it developed as anything but “perfect”! If Big Brother‘s justification equates to some sort of “microcosm of society” why did the shocked populace, the self-declared members of a “free society” call for its censure? perhaps the answer I seek lies in my question; Big Brother can be seen as a perfect “microcosm of society” ….if you consider the contestants and the audience as a whole.

3) I know the gutter press often gets held up as a whipping boy – and at no time does it deserve such contempt as now! I’m okay with tits on Page 3 and can just about live with page-to-page descriptions of lurid sex scandals; what makes me want to bitchslap the editorial team at The Sun et al remains their penchant for indulging in moral crusades between the lurid reportings of the latest threesomes/gangbangs/affairs. Fuck knows there have been many sanctimonious stupidities over the years; I remember the Daily Star‘s anti-anime tirade to “snuff out these sick cartoons” back in the 90s and I’m sure many of my fellow Brits remember the whole pathetic video-nasties-linked Jamie Bulger case too. More recently we had The News of the World (circa 2000) conduct a name and shame campaign against paedos in their pages, as well as using the death of Sarah Payne to push through their own legislations. Moralism and Sensationalism make the most surprisingly harmonious of bedfellows – and you can be sure their bastard child Hypocrisy will soon be on the way.

Case in point: Last Tuesday’s Sun, (aka Special Racism Issue), kids of definite ethnicities on its front cover, each holding up a card with a racial slur used against them, the caption underneath reading “what do we all have in common?”; open the newspaper and I see that the kids all hold up the same card reading “BRITISH” ; they go on to tell their stories inside and to cap it all off, we get a mini-editorial titled ‘Words Hurt’, telling us “if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing”.

So far so high-and-mighty….

…but then I turn to Page 6 and see the article ‘UNHAPPY SLAPPER’, describing the subject of the article as a “brothel tart” and printing a previous front page of her reading “DON’T FANCY YOURS MUCH”—nice words, to be sure!

Double duplicity! The same special issue devoted to tolerance of differences has a columnist who blasts senior would-be parents as “selfish morons” and asks rhetorically of gay couples “Why do they want to adopt?”

Nice to see The staff at The Sun can strike a chord for consistency…..

4) According to Trevor Phillips in the above mentioned paper “we are a nation that hates racism”.


Then why did Jade, the least culpable out of the three cited “racist” contestants get the bulk of hatred and venom? Okay, so referring to the “victim” Shilpa Shetty as “Shilpa Poppadom” puts both feet into the shallow end of the racism pool, but the so-called “racist” attack she made directly against Shilpa concerning “the slums” turned out to be nowt but a decontextualized class-based counterattack. So that’s one-nil to the PC sniffer dogs who seem to smell “racism” round every corner – they have a very selective sense of smell, it seems!

Ignorant? Yes, and she’s profited greatly from this “asset” of hers. Racist? Questionable.

Less room for debate when I look at these gems from fellow contestant Danielle Lloyd:

They eat with their hands in India, don’t they – or is that China? You don’t know where her hands have been.

She should fuck off home. She can’t even speak English.

Yet, in the eyes of the Great British Public who “are determined to drive prejudice from our shores”, these weren’t grounds for an eviction – oh no!

Maybe they got swayed by this gem of a reconciliation; if memory serves correct, it went something like “I’ll let you cook curry for me—you can pick out the onions with your fingers.”

Nice saving throw there ….. you patronizing, racist cunt!

5) Super kudos to Shilpa for keeping her head held up amongst all the steaming bullshit; from all reports, she steers clear of the bitchery that seems to be something of a bloodsport amongst females – quite the achievement!

In a drama dominated by the money-crazed, mouthy, mean-spirited and moralistic, at least one person meets with MRDA’s approval….


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5 Responses to An Oldie but a Goody! MRDA Contra (Celebrity) Big Brother Britain!

  1. bastardzero says:

    My favorite moralsploitation show is To Catch A Predator, wherein a news crew uses internet chat to bait men into supposed sexual encounters with young teens, then when they arrive at the provided address, they get a news camera in their face and a bullying interviewer telling them how disgusting they are on national television. Puritan-sadist entertainment at its best.

  2. goodbye_doll says:

    Daniel, if I owned a newspaper, I would ask you to write for it.
    I really enjoy your style of writing, and I especially liked the line, “Moralism and Sensationalism make the most surprisingly harmonious of bedfellows – and you can be sure their bastard child Hypocrisy will soon be on the way.”
    Really, you should be paid money for writing things like this. 🙂

  3. on that note, i just got my latest edition of Newsweek magazine featuring britney spears and paris hilton on the front, bearing the headline;
    out of control celebs and online sleaze fuel a new debate over kids and values”
    and they just noticed that this problem NOW?!?
    this crap has been causing people moral retardation for ages!
    not that i’m saying that sleaze should be elevated in urgency to the same level as more important news, like the war.
    the question: do these girls deserve Newsweek’s and its readers’ attention?
    well, before anyone says “even negative attention is good attention” for people like them,
    let me remind the cynical out there that this “effect” that newsweek speaks of is totally real, just as real as the silliness and hype that you talk about in your above entry, and certainly more real than the celebrities themselves!
    still, i remain skeptical about the magazine’s intent. but let’s hope the inner article is actually about the effect of this generational trend, and not an excuse to discuss all the sordid details of the party girls’ lives!

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