MRDA-in-Motion!! First Steps Toward the Wild Frontier!

So it’s two small steps for man….

….and two giant leaps for MRDA since the last online episode……

So, a couple of Wednesdays back (on that day forever hallowed as that of one Mr Valentine), I embarked on my first foray into the world of what many call “dating”. She contacted me on OK Cupid!, liking what she read and saw there; after a series of hit-and-miss communications, we agreed to meet on neutral ground (which turned out to be a pub in the end!) It went better than expected, though I fear the hallowed sexual spark aspect remained far from reach. Not that I didn’t find my evening’s company attractive ( I did); rather that we
developed, at best, a limited rapport with each other due to tinges of inhibition on both our parts; not quite as she anticipated, I guess. Nowt-the-less, looking at it within the larger context, I can’t really call it a fuck-up – quite the opposite in fact!

Even to call it a failure presupposes an action; and every act presupposes courage…..

Current state of play? I’m in two minds about calling her again; I wonder if I should let it pass or ring her ass – I’d be comfortable with either of the two situations as it goes……

Last week, I made the first move toward solo living and put forth an application for council residence; it isn’t ideal for me to stay within the bounds of Newham, but if I can get hold of accommodation with cheap rent and good transport links to the places I’d rather spend time, then I won’t grumble….. too much!

Will our (anti-)hero attain his goals of solo living and serious lovin’? Stay tuned…..

(In other news, I currently listen to a few choice cuts by Adam Ant, my mind consistently conjuring up images of Fist of the North Star‘s Juuza, riding into battle with his Cloud posse in tow. Maybe I should cobble together a half-baked You Tube music vid – that or get some sleep! Night, nakama!)


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4 Responses to MRDA-in-Motion!! First Steps Toward the Wild Frontier!

  1. Niceu! I say go for it, but then that’s sort of the kinda guy I am. Rather be sure there’s nothing there than to wonder later.

  2. psuedoid says:

    Excitin times! Best of luck to you.

  3. goodbye_doll says:

    Congratulations, Daniel!
    I hope everything goes well for you!
    but uhh. . . .”let it pass or ring her ass”?
    hahahahahah. Clever. And, yeah. Pretty charming, too. I’m sure girls love that. 😛

  4. sounds exciting! i wish you luck!

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