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After watching Mel Gibson’s Theatre of Cruelty piece The Passion of the Christ on TV, I can’t help but think Christ’s “Father forgive them, they know not what they do!” merely a roundabout way of saying “You cunts!”


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  1. cearrdorn says:

    actually I kind have to agree with this, Jeshua was a man, he may have been part of the god head, but no man would ever really be ok with being fed to the dogs like he was, a show trial and a quick execution was really a shitty way to end your life, regardless of the faith it might have spawned.

  2. ubermensch says:

    the iesu of the original greek texts actually had some occasional moments of very subtle yet biting gestures of defiance, but theyre heavily culture dependent to the point of often being unnoticeable sans explanation as is, and erased even more so by frankish and anglo saxon elites who would intentionally mistranslate this necronomicon of slave morality that we call the new testament to make it scarily even more SM than it naturally is.
    for example: the infamous phrase “resist not evil” is slightly too broad– from what i’ve read, the original verb used refers strictly to violent resistance and was not to be taken as speaking of bloodless alternatives, making it more a mantra of a proto gandhi than the lowest of the low keatingism it is — and while the most overly worshipped hindu of the 20th century is not perfect, he’s surely far superior an estimation than “resist not evil”
    another example, i’ve been told, is the injunction to carry the burden of the soldier an extra mile: roman soldiers apparently had strict legal limits on just how far certain civilians or servants or prisoners could be forced to carry a soldier’s wares for him, and there were precise milestones on roman roads to measure distances, for this and other things– read: if your pet jew walks past that mile stone up ahead, and keeps pushing your weight, it looks very much as though you have abused your duties, and you, the centurion, will get possibly some manner of disciplinary action for looking like you overshot the rules. (I need to reresearch the 2nd story, its been some time since I came across it)

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