Excerpt from MRDA’s Personal Files #1 : Emotion vs Emo!?!


As I see it, one of the most distasteful things about the emo movement contributes to making genuine expressions of emotion (evermore) a taboo.

A pet peeve of mine is reading someone’s candid feelings/ grievances being (de)augmented with an apology for “going all emo”. The amusing thing is, it’s rarely the ones who spill across the page in blurry, emotionally buffeted posts 24-7 who stand guilty of this; more often, I find such self-abnegation rife amongst those clearer, relatively non-theatrical souls who just happen to hit this or that bump on the road of life.

I think the fetishization of emotionalism as a 24-7 lifestyle choice ultimately provokes a backlash of callousness and cruelty which stamps down hard on “displays of weakness” and vulnerability – valid, as well as otherwise! Guys seem to have it tougher in this regard, what with “keeping it all inside and “the stiff upper lip” espoused as an essential component of Being A Man(TM). Remember – Boys Don’t Cry!

Saying all this, I tend to be one of the most stoic, self-restrained motherfuckers I know. At times, I just want to let it all burst forth, suspecting I may feel all the better for it ; yet after so long playing this endurance game with my inner drill sergeant, it proves a gargantuan effort to put the rifle to him Private Pyle style….

….since I don’t intend to put my mouth to the rifle in a similar vein, I reckon I’ve got quite some way to go…..


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