Excerpt from MRDA’s Personal Files #1 : Emotion vs Emo!?!


As I see it, one of the most distasteful things about the emo movement contributes to making genuine expressions of emotion (evermore) a taboo.

A pet peeve of mine is reading someone’s candid feelings/ grievances being (de)augmented with an apology for “going all emo”. The amusing thing is, it’s rarely the ones who spill across the page in blurry, emotionally buffeted posts 24-7 who stand guilty of this; more often, I find such self-abnegation rife amongst those clearer, relatively non-theatrical souls who just happen to hit this or that bump on the road of life.

I think the fetishization of emotionalism as a 24-7 lifestyle choice ultimately provokes a backlash of callousness and cruelty which stamps down hard on “displays of weakness” and vulnerability – valid, as well as otherwise! Guys seem to have it tougher in this regard, what with “keeping it all inside and “the stiff upper lip” espoused as an essential component of Being A Man(TM). Remember – Boys Don’t Cry!

Saying all this, I tend to be one of the most stoic, self-restrained motherfuckers I know. At times, I just want to let it all burst forth, suspecting I may feel all the better for it ; yet after so long playing this endurance game with my inner drill sergeant, it proves a gargantuan effort to put the rifle to him Private Pyle style….

….since I don’t intend to put my mouth to the rifle in a similar vein, I reckon I’ve got quite some way to go…..


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7 Responses to Excerpt from MRDA’s Personal Files #1 : Emotion vs Emo!?!

  1. okay you’re right. i can’t deny it, especially in light of all the criticism i toss in the direction of the emo movement!
    but i don’t know…i’ve always been like this. i am emotional at times, just only in private comfortable situations. and i feel that displaying that vulnerability too readily can make people uncomfortable to the point where they feel socially obligated to show sympathy to the “victim” whether that sympathy is genuine or not.
    i hate social emotional blackmail, i don’t want to make any one feel obligated to feel one way or another about a delicate subject just because i’m carrying on in some heart-wrenching manner.
    i feel like being more stoic gives people the option of choosing from a more comfortable position how they feel about a given matter, without them having to fear scorn from me for feeling differently than i do.
    that, and i just have always been this way, i just intellectualize and rationalize my problems. this has its draw backs the way any other coping mechanism does, as you pointed out, especially if it’s part of a superficial and reactionary social trend.
    it just happens to be the natural outcome of my personality, as i’m the philosophizing type….haha
    and i find myself extremely uncomfortable with expressing sadness in other ways, and i have been this way for a very long time, and so have my father and sister before me. i think it’s a very big family thing for me.
    but i see what you’re saying, and thank you for the criticism, it has certainly put another spin on my perspective. i understand what you mean and i will take it to heart.

    • MRDA says:

      I wrote this in my personal diary thang on Sunday and delayed its posting up until yesterday; I didn’t specifically direct it at you, although I’ve seen you do the apology thing in your own journal a few times, especially in light of your latest developments.
      I think that if there wasn’t a repressive, “stiff upper lip” attitude to the emotional realm, not such a censorious attitude toward vulnerability, emo culture most likely wouldn’t exist – there’d be no need to fetishize emotions into an all-consuming 24-7 commodity – but I suppose all this proves rather academic now!
      But yes I’m usually much the same as you in regard to my emotion and I really hate those few times when I can lose control of that in interpersonal situations – perhaps the two polarities are linked (not unlike what I made mention of in your “Darkness” post).

      • this point of perspective has greatly helped me, and i know i’ve definitely used the phrase “go all emo” before!
        and it’s funny too, because as you mentioned this is usually a “guy thing,” but i did spend most of my childhood being raised by my dad so that makes sense to me.
        and interestingly, i know i’ve made allusions to the fact that if i pick on emo kids it helps them be more emo, but i had never thought that that type of attitude might also have influenced emo’s creation in the first place. although in retrospect that seems kind of obvious!

  2. goodbye_doll says:

    Daniel, just let it all out. Dont worry if your mascara smears and your cool thick eye liner rubs off. Just let it out. I’m here for you, man. We can even write poetry about it together at the local starbucks.

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    • MRDA says:

      Re: “Religions” are Anti-Messiah…….period…….
      Can the person who posted this bollocks step forth and make their identity known?

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