It seems that one cannot currently escape some kind of news report, commentary or speculation in regard to the Virginia Tech massacres. Turning on the TV an hour or so ago, I saw further coverage of the deeds of Seung Cho, the “loner and introvert” (*rolls eyes*) responsible for the killings.

And another key indicator of his blackened heart, beyond him being – uh oh Chongo (!) – “quiet and introverted”?

He wrote “disturbing” narratives for his writing!

Really, this is the red flag sign of a ruthless killer who needs help(and candy)!

Better lock up Toshio Maeda, Buronson, Garth Ennis, Tom Fontana, Go Nagai et al – before it’s too late!!

So much for being, y’know, CREATIVE in a fucking CREATIVE WRITING class!

The same bullshit scapegoating that always goes on in the wake of events like these (albeit from a novel angle…)

All that off my chest, I must say Cho’s work comes off as “creative” in the sense that a typical three-year old’s squiggles do. Actually, I apologize to three-year olds across the world for that one – those little ‘uns probably possess a better command of narrative, characterisation, and dialogue than displayed in Mr Brownstone. Clearly anyone who pens dialogue such as “He ass-raped you. He’s such a rapist.” needs help of an entirely different kind—clearly, the creative world lost its next Shakespeare, its Tarantino MkII, on Monday!

Now, of course, according to Leader of the (relatively) Free World, G.W. Bush, “a nation mourns”.

To that I say, “Spare me the melodrama, Georgie-boy!”

Really, what’s with all the grief-whoring whenever big events like this hit the headlines? You got people still steeped in grief over 9-11 which I see as understandable – if you actually knew any of the poor fuckers who died then! With this smaller scale massacre, the supposed radius of this “grief” strikes me as all the more baffling – I don’t dare doubt the friends, family and acquaintances of the deceased in their mourning, but “national grief”? Don’t fuck with me! This seems the sort of thing dgowers derides in this post…..

Meanwhile, here in the UK, the punditry predictably pummel the pet piñata of the Second Amendment with their usual reactionary “there ought to be a law” zeal. Tony Blair however, in a rare burst of good sense, deems it “completely inappropriate” to join them – just as well, seeing as this country’s gun controls do a great fucking job at keeping people safe! Remember the last time someone got shot, got gunned down in the Beautiful Borough of Newham, hmm?

It pleases me to live in a country where the gun control laws really make a difference in regards to public safety—Adam Regis feels the same way too!

What does London Mayor Ken Livingstone do in the wake of all this? What any politician worth their salt does – scapegoat !

The last time I checked, Kill Bill‘s Beatrix Kiddo used considerable “brain power” to achieve her goal of bloody revenge; more than Ken used when he let under-16s travel for free on London Buses! I wonder if the absence of such a permission would’ve made a difference to Adam’s quality of life.

I’d know it’d improve my quality of life not to share a bus with a whole school of obnoxious little gangsta-wannabe cunts….

Mr Livingstone, there really ought not to be a law!


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