The MRDA Expansion Pack 08: The Man and His Plan

Wow – so 2008 has arrived and not a flying hovercar in sight?

Futuristic 80s sci-fi – meet the Trade Descriptions Act! My childhood naivete has been sorely betrayed!

Never mind – on with the post…

In relation to what I said in the last entry concerning “more gritty, less pity”, I still think about expanding the scope of this journal/blog/whichever to accommodate some serious self-observation. I always seem to have thoughts racing through my mind, concerning this or that aspect of myself, yet they kinda remain floating in the ether, bouncing in and out of consciousness cos I can’t summon the will to explicitly explore them and how they link to my life.

I guess the few posts I did write last year exploring my workings and my history constitute steps forward for me. I cite them as good examples of what I want to do more of in this journal. I cite my general reluctance to take such risk with myself up to now as a major hindrance in my evolution, one that keeps me trapped and limited in many a way.

By the same token I want to start and keep up with an offline journal/diary thingy too as mutual reinforcement and to document that which I don’t want to scrawl here.

In short, expect an increased amount of personal exploration on this-here journal where I take a look at myself and the direction I take with little to none of the emo excesses that plagued my earliest entries (Take a look for yourselves, if you dare – I’m not linking!).

All this acts as a great incentive to renew my paid account in a few days time….

A great anti-incentive to my paid account renewal? The stormtrooper shenanigans on LJ over the past year; first the great LJ Ban of 07, based on Six Apart bowing to pressure exerted by some rabid, mouth-foaming, Good Guy Badge-wearing wannabes; then follows both LJ’s sale to some obscure Russian company (who for all we know could be in Putin’s pocket) and the blocking of certain search terms – I just looked up the term “genocide”, only to see that” nobody shares my interest” – ha! (Meanwhile, plenty of people seem interested in “Hitler”, “child abuse” and “CENSORSHIP” – what gives?)

All these actions seem to harbour the whiff of a filthy, shit-encrusted leather boot eagerly wanting to stamp on a human face or two.

Like I said, a great anti-incentive……

Which road to take? Find out in the next episode…..


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4 Responses to The MRDA Expansion Pack 08: The Man and His Plan

  1. oh daniel, of course no one else is interested in genocide, that’s sooooo 2006!
    seriously though, how ridiculous…i can’t imagine the spin they’d have to throw on that one to justify a supposed universal disinterest in genocide.
    …although, sadly it’s obviously not terribly pertinent in much of the western world.

  2. bastardzero says:

    There’s a real ugly vibe going through social attitudes right now. It’s not just the far right in the US, but there’s this new law that says they can send you to prison if you sag your pants, and at this shopping mall, twenty deputies, two canine units and a police helicopter were used to arrest a kid for sagging his pants. I read a comments thread on the incident where people’s reactions were invariably approving.
    There’s boots wanting to stomp our faces and the faces can’t wait to be stomped. People have forgotten that the law isn’t about whims and fancies.

  3. rinku says:

    I recommend not setting such a high bar for LJ entries, which discourages frequent posting. Ten badly written and hastily scrawled entries are much better than one excellently composed one, especially for the purposes of self-development in a personal journal.

  4. psuedoid says:

    Good luck with the self development and exploration…brave paths for anyone to take.

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