Random Ruminations of an Anti-Messiah at the End of the Year…..

A bit late but, whilst leafing through last week’s News of the World, I came across a story that pretty much baffled and disgusted me; two football (or soccer, for all those west of the Atlantic) players filming themselves spit-roasting a young fan in a hotel toilet.

Now, the disgust I feel doesn’t stem from the events reported, nor from the fact that the described events got reported, but rather the style of the reporting.

Ok, so English footy has seen all manner of questionable sexual assault scandals rising on the skin over the past few years…..

….so why did Keith Gladdis, with all his talk of the “grinning animals” who filmed and starred in the “sick sex video”, seem to go out of his way to manufacture another such scenario from a consensual act?

Not meaning to stick up for the lifestyles of the rich and licentious, but from the reports all members of the ménage a trois had a rollicking ride!

As sordid as some might find such a scenario, I find Gladdis’ slant on them to be all the more repugnant – a “vile orgy” of words assembled to allude to acts atrocious (i.e: rape) that never took place. Makes me wonder as to under his underlying motivations, what with the News of the World, being the sister paper to the reactionary, populist, xenophobia-dabbling Sun.

If only all tabloid trash had but one mouth between them, and I had a muzzle for such “vile animals”…..

(I wonder if the odds stand that our puritanical poison pen goes home and jerks off to stuff like the Annabel Chong Gangbang. Anyone in a gambling mood?)

‘A Rock and a Hard Place’ just….speaks to me. I can’t identify the exact “Why?” of that communication. Maybe cos that song title describes my situation as-is pretty well. Or cos I’ve got a soft spot for lyrics such as: Cause and effect go hand in hand/ and the Devil may care but I don’t mind. Whatever – lyrically and musically, it pleases me plenty! Not unlike the album it calls home….

On the subject of the Sisters, I find it funny that this band – associated with a subculture notorious for fetishizing misery and resignation – produced one of the most adamantly anti-misery tunes I’ve heard in ‘No Time to Cry’. The shabby teen scenes of today could learn a lesson or two from Mr Eldritch and Doktor Avalanche!

Glad this pathetic year will soon give way to a new one. Here’s to some hearty destruction and creation in the solar cycle to come; a toast to what the creative nihilism I intend for 2008!

Thoughts akin to “Fuck you all!” adorn my mindspace in relation to the world around me – but then again, that’s hardly a grand revelation!

Bitter? Sure! But let’s not start breaking out the girl jeans, stripy tops and kohl eyeliner here, MRDA! Not young and bishonen enough for that bollocks – more gritty, less pity!

Once more – a toast to the hearty destruction and creation in the ensuing 366 days! Mine will be strength, lust and power – ore wa MRDA!!

And I wish a great and abundant 2008 for you all….


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