Comment I left on concerning the court decision to uphold the ban on Manhunt 2….

Absolutely disgusting! The court decision seems as clear an indicator as any as to which way the wind blows in this country concerning censorship and freedom of expression. This country’s government sanctimoniously bombs Iraqi and Afghani towns, criticizes third-world dictatorships and scrutinizes Jihadists all in the name of protecting
and promoting “Western values” of “freedom” and “tolerance”; yet it also employs its own Ayatollahs to tell us what we can and cannot view and play as entertainment.

It makes it all the more clearer that the difference between this nation and an absolute cesspool like Sudan lies in degree, not essence.

I think next time I’ll use my Birth name, as these guys seem to un-acroymize the MRDA moniker!


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4 Responses to Comment I left on concerning the court decision to uphold the ban on Manhunt 2….

  1. bastardzero says:

    For all the charm of Australia, those guys don’t get ANYTHING in terms of video games. It seems insane to me that any country still practices book burning. We’re losing a lot of rights here in the US, but things are set up so that the censors have to work really hard at getting rid of something. It seems like all it takes to get something banned in the UK or Australia is one angry letter, if that.

    • konami says:

      Germany might be even worse. I worry about Canada, because although we haven’t banned anything *yet*, we have a tendency to follow European examples now and then; Some exceptionally violent music has been banned.
      If Hillary becomes in charge, there could be video game bans and the effect on other markets will be unavoidable (If it’s not up in the states, count out Canada Mexico and sometimes Europe).
      Although most first world countries have a better record at banning books than the USA, which is surprising pretty bad in that category.

  2. konami says:

    Censorship is everywhere. The standards differ and there is some things more tolerant in the UK than most places I’ve been (Television for instance, in some aspects).
    The disturbing thing about UK videogame censorship I think, is that they haven’t done it completely out of just fallout from court cases like a lot of other countries have (or could have), not that this is a good reason to ban a game, but that UK’s bans seem to come from a sense of “moral righteousness” which has far more serious implications and may be harder to fight against.
    People should be seriously offended by it. But I’m sure as moral righteousness go, there are likely a great number of people who are in fact PROUD of it and will promote such actions rather than battle them. Many vote on moral platforms to begin with.
    And that’s one route cause that’s hard to deal with.

  3. ubermensch says:

    quite appropriately, the article you link to is no longer there. one of the sickest ironies of the panopticon is its tendency towards pathologically convenient amnesia.

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