More Thoughts on My Future

Venting one’s spleen at work with a trusted co-worker helps make my air cleaner to breathe and remove much in the way of fog.

By June 2008, I will have terminated my employment at Currys Beckton. No turning back – I really have had my lifetime’s fill of the place!

Not looking forward to the possible prospect of being out of work, but I’d prefer that to the current situation. I contribute to my own inner demise by continuing to work there; it doesn’t exactly do wonders for the self-esteem or creative spark to slog at a dead-end job, knowing it enriches and empowers someone whom one despises.

On the other hand, looking in the Writers and Artists Yearbook gives me ideas for new avenues of expression; I will definitely check out New Humanist and The Philosopher to see if they vibe with my style. So far, so good with the subject matter – I wonder if the New Humanist allows enough leeway for critiques against humanism….

Also, I wonder if I could cut it as a librarian; sure, lotsa filing and piling again, but it doesn’t seem like such a stressful environment; plus it strikes me as an environment packed with knowledge and potential inspiration – one that seems to allow its employees the scope for a good read and scribble when nothing needs doing.

So begins my search for employment better suited to my tastes and inclinations….


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