More Thoughts on My Future

Venting one’s spleen at work with a trusted co-worker helps make my air cleaner to breathe and remove much in the way of fog.

By June 2008, I will have terminated my employment at Currys Beckton. No turning back – I really have had my lifetime’s fill of the place!

Not looking forward to the possible prospect of being out of work, but I’d prefer that to the current situation. I contribute to my own inner demise by continuing to work there; it doesn’t exactly do wonders for the self-esteem or creative spark to slog at a dead-end job, knowing it enriches and empowers someone whom one despises.

On the other hand, looking in the Writers and Artists Yearbook gives me ideas for new avenues of expression; I will definitely check out New Humanist and The Philosopher to see if they vibe with my style. So far, so good with the subject matter – I wonder if the New Humanist allows enough leeway for critiques against humanism….

Also, I wonder if I could cut it as a librarian; sure, lotsa filing and piling again, but it doesn’t seem like such a stressful environment; plus it strikes me as an environment packed with knowledge and potential inspiration – one that seems to allow its employees the scope for a good read and scribble when nothing needs doing.

So begins my search for employment better suited to my tastes and inclinations….


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8 Responses to More Thoughts on My Future

  1. bastardzero says:

    You need to be a freelance journalist/editorialist, for the sake of our future. If you could get your work on a magazine editor’s desk, there’s no way he’d turn it down.

    • bastardzero says:

      And by our future, I mean the fate of the entire free world.

      • MRDA says:

        That’s quite the compliment!

        • bastardzero says:

          Seriously! Not to give you a big head, but I don’t know anyone else with the charisma and insight to get everyone to admit that the Emperor is naked (and then hopefully get up and put clothes on him). A lot of your writing, at least the stuff that I find most interesting and hilarious, seems to criticize the hypocritical moral panic and puritan persecutionism and scapegoating of English society, but most of it holds true in the US, too, where we send kids to prison for owning Metallica t-shirts and condemn the very same war crimes we practice.

          • rawr_becca says:

            I was just watching a video in class about HOW FUCKED UP we are to kids in the juvenile court system. And then I learned that only other country in the world that has as harsh punishments for minors is like, Somalia. And we didn’t sign this UN document because it wouldn’t allow us to condemn minors to life in prison. weird.

          • psuedoid says:

            Duplicity is a necessity of a successful country. Earth isn’t an utopia. Not everything is being done well, but no country as powerful as the US can sanely lack hypocrisy.

  2. staxxy says:

    museums may also have the same sorts of inspiration and environments packed with knowledge. 🙂

  3. rawr_becca says:

    you would be the hottest librarian everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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