State of the Egoist Update: The Work Situation

It really does amaze me how changing job roles at work makes all the difference to one’s outlook on the place.

Basically, working on the sales floor, seems a helluva lot more fun and productive than warehouse work. Despite my initial reluctance and shaky communication skills, I actually enjoy this quite considerably. Making the sale getting the bolt-ons added, matching and exceeding the targets…..

…..all in all, I feel a greater driving force selling stuff than I do lugging it around (although I still to get my own stock out whenever I can….)

As a result? I don’t feel quite so full of “guh” about getting out of bed on a workday, I’m more self-motivated and the fucking boss doesn’t get on my back to the same degree as before…..

None of this changes my desire to quit my job soon, but I think I might stay for just a little while longer to build up the all-important “experience” points employers scavenge for; salesperson experience at least gives me something to fall back on, should the road to what I really want get rickety for a while……

On a related note, my personal Unemployment Saving Scheme continues successfully; quite a handsome amount I’ve built up thus far. I’m rather pleased with myself there…..

Onward, MRDA!


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