Halal & Hypocrisy II: MRDA Contra The Sun


I couldn’t help but leave a response to this piece of sloppy journalism by  The Sun‘s Jon Gaunt:

Let’s ban all fascists, Right-wing or Muslim

GILLIAN PARKER must come from the same school that bred Ian Blair and the clowns who infest ACPO.

As chief constable of the Bedfordshire force, her act of appeasement to Muslim fanatics by allowing them to demonstrate and ruin what should have been a proud day for the people of Luton was an insult to the brave men and women she is meant to lead.

If BNP rallies can be banned then so should demos by fascist Muslims.

I have no time for the knuckle-draggers of the far-Right and their filthy racist agenda but equally I have no time for the Islamic maniacs who attack our way of life and call our brave boys butchers, rapists and child killers.

But, of course, Gillian and her Guardian-reading mates would rather arrest two outraged and provoked patriotic Brits than enter the minefield of nicking the real enemy within.

Is it because I is not a Muslim, Gill?

She’s not alone though. The Government has spent £90million trying to divert Muslim youths from veering towards extremism and still there are vile creatures like Anjem Choudary spouting rubbish like this: “Non-Muslims in Britain must appreciate that the actions of the British soldiers must be condemned unreservedly.

“They are not heroes but closer to cowards who cannot fight, as their uncanny knack for death by ‘friendly fire’ illustrates. They are terrorists, and cannot be excused for simply ‘carrying out their duty’, which was also used by Nazi soldiers in Germany to justify their notorious and bloody campaigns.”

Why is this man still allowed to live in this country? Then again, why is fanatic Jalal Ahmed allowed to work as a baggage handler at Luton airport?

I must admit I laughed at the line from the airport that he has been told not to come to work for a few days for his own safety!

And what about those birds in burkas? Dressed like medieval Daleks to protect their so-called modesty, but more than willing to photograph our lads in an attempt to intimidate them.

Well, I’m afraid, girls, you don’t intimidate the lions of Basra and you don’t intimidate me and most Brits of all colours and creeds.

Unfortunately you clearly scare Gillian and the councillors of Luton who gave permission for your demo and seem only too willing to appease your stupid ideas.

Finally, allow me to reply to another nutter, Abu Abdullah, who says: “I’ve been living in Britain most of my life but I don’t consider myself British. I don’t want to be associated with Britain. One day Britain will be liberated from capitalism and democracy and will be living under Sharia.”

Quite simply, mate, if you don’t like it here, why don’t you proceed to the door marked exit — which no doubt in Luton is printed in at least 15 different languages — and go to a country that suits your backwards thinking?

My response:

Never mind your “two outraged and provoked patriotic Brits” got their stupid selves arrested for *violence*.

What I get from your article:

1)Violence, whether perpetrated by individuals or the state, is a thoroughly appropriate response to dissenting views.

2)Freedom of speech – unless you’re a Muslim.

3)Violence on Brit citizens would be an atrocity – unless said citizens are Muslims exercising their free speech rights.

4)Any viewpoint – as long as it’s pro-State and pro-military.

Perhaps it is you who should self-deport to a “backwards-thinking” nation, as you clearly have more in common with your hated Jihadists than you realize.


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23 Responses to Halal & Hypocrisy II: MRDA Contra The Sun

  1. phyrbyrd says:

    What I get from this, however, is that you’re getting all worked up over a newspaper that puts topless women before the fold.
    The people at the Sun are a bunch of chavs, the nearest thing we Brits have to trailer trash. I shouldn’t take them too seriously, sweetie.
    The people at the Telegraph, on the other hand, ought to know better.

    • MRDA says:

      Class and stupidity aren’t necessarily synonyms.
      Page 3 is the only section of that paper worth looking at; the rest is just tragicomic toilet paper.
      I wouldn’t be surprised by *any* paper spouting those views, after looking at the news over the last week. Judging by the Geert Wilders incident, I wouldn’t be surprised if the government takes that “bunch of chavs” seriously.

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  17. You guys have a Rush Limbaugh, too?!

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