Question Time? Indeed, It Is!

Shame that some folk failed to get the memo…


Watching Question Time on Thursday, I hadta roll my eyes at the moralistic endorsements of UN military intervention in Libya; Baroness Warsi‘s She-Ra fantasies of saving the poor Libyans from “the dictator killing his own people” proved especially grating—and depressingly familiar.


It almost sounded as if the last decade never occurred; I remember, on the eve of Gulf War II: The Return, watching the same deontological dogshit fall from different mouths on that same show (and, regrettably, swallowing a substantial amount of it).

(Also, what the fuck? She opposed that war on account of its “legality”? Where was her concern for the poor, oppressed Iraqis then? I’ve heard arguments from empathy from both the pro and anti-war camps, yet she plumped for “legality”?)

Thank Lucifer for Kelvin McKenzie’s evisceration of her high-minded hawking; as well as reminding her of the dodgy deals the government had no problem doing with Gaddafi, he made mention of the fact that, for all the repression and bloodshed happening in those lands, no one seemed to be lifting a fucking finger to intervene in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen.

Who’d’ve thought I’d be giving a fucking (ex-)Sun staffer any kudos?

I suspect much of the support for this military action comes not so much from principle as it does popularity: ever notice that when you get the right people mouthing the right slogans, a substantial number of  doves transform into hawks? Evidently, injecting  “democracy”, “international community”, “humanitarian”, “Balkans”, and “moral obligation” into one’s war cries affects reality like “alakazam” does the fictional realm.

Glad I snapped out of that spell!


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7 Responses to Question Time? Indeed, It Is!

  1. Minus says:

    Yep, it’s just another case of Britain deciding to have a go at playing World Police. Apparently that’s what we need to do to save the world from evils, except when they’re evils we like.

    Four months ago we were embracing this ‘evil dictator’, now we’re trying to kill him. Next it’ll be men on the ground and we’ll be there ten years.

  2. al.d says:

    I just love these moments.

    The international community working together so wonderfully for nefarious purposes. It almost brings a tear my eye.

    The Right bombs and invades countries lest a country grow powerful enough to become an enemy, with justifications real or exaggerated.

    The non-religious left bombs and invades countries with a moral imperative to save the people from a crisis of epic hyperbole.

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