I’m sure someone’ll say: “Michael Jackson touched so many!”

I’m also sure someone’ll take the piss out of that statement.

It’s debatable who’d rate as the bigger pervert…


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2 Responses to MJ

  1. Even though I am quite sad about the fact that he’s died and that the later part of his life turned out so tragically, I’m still going to use that line.

    • cearrdorn says:

      there are so many folks who can’t accept what he did as something he really did, that I just don’t comment when it comes up in any fashion. He’s a 3 time pedophile and honestly I think the only reason he stopped was because he stopped doing it in this country.
      it’s weird, because when I was a kid, I had a Micheal Jackson poster that I was proud of (from the beat it era) I even got some of those parachute pants/shirt combo things. So from that era I liked him, but what he did as a grown man was inexcusable.

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