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Max Stirner Contra Humanism and Nationalism

A favourite excerpt of mine from my favourite philosophical tome, The Ego and Its Own. Kinda supports my observation of nationalism and the ilk being humanism writ small (and, conversely, humanism being an expanded nationalism, both assuming an intrinsic worth … Continue reading

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Dora Marsden on Race and the Individual

Excerpt from ‘Against Words – Against Thoughts’, part of the compilation Dora Marsden: The Freewoman and the Egoist Volume One. Seeing as many old-time writers used “(the) race” as a synonym for “species”, much like “the human race” is used … Continue reading

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Walter Kaufmann on “Equality of Opportunity”

Right now, I’m having an enjoyable time reading through my years-long-neglected hardcover copy of Without Guilt and Justice: From Decidophobia to Autonomy, a relatively obscure work by prominent Fritz-translator Walter Kaufmann. I’m thinking about dedicating a post or two to … Continue reading

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“A Union of Egoists on the Printed Page”

Via an unexpected collaboration with Chip Smith of The Hoover Hog, Enemies of Society, the individualist-anarchist digest I mentioned in a previous post, is now available through his publishing house, Nine-Banded Books—with a sales pitch scribed by Yours Truly! As an … Continue reading

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Race and Ego, by Sidney E. Parker

Yup, it’s another repaste from the Non Serviam vault.  Sid Parker makes a decent delineation between racial realism (descriptive) and racialism (prescriptive), pitting egoism (successfully, in my view) against the latter. ~MRDA~ Race and Ego by Sidney E. Parker In … Continue reading

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The Reasons Why by Victor S. Yarros

First printed in Liberty, Vol. 5, No. 2, Saturday, August 27, 1887, Whole Number 106. I am an Egoist. I recognize no authority save that of my own reason. I regulate my life and my relations with the outside world … Continue reading

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Some Great Anti-Democracy Quotes

Mr. Gray protests against censorship as undemocratic. (Censorship may be illiberal — against freedom — but not necessarily against the majority.) Mr. Black is against Negro lynching, denouncing it as undemocratic. (As soon as the majority of a township wants … Continue reading

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