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Big Fucking Brother and the Sanctity of Life…again…

Those crazy fucking dags Down Under are at it again… From the land that brought you proposed net censorship and videogame bannage comes the government swear jar. Meanwhile in Brazil, we see the results of taking “the sanctity of life” … Continue reading

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Re: American Happy-Slapping “Flash Mobs”…

I read stories like this, and wonder: Why hasn’t anyone “flashed” these cunts with Glock rounds yet? At least UK peeps have some excuse for not taking out happy slappers! ~MRDA~

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This has to be the worst song ever recorded. In the history of Man: Mind you, there is that Ja Rule & Metallica collaboration… ~MRDA~

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For any EastEnders viewers on my list : A Simple Equation

+ = As Dragon Ball Z‘s King Kai would say: “Oh yeah – it’s fusion!” That explains why those two have been off the public radar for quite some time, I guess. Old eighties synthpop artists don’t die – they … Continue reading

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