Akira: The London Connection


Scanning the reviews on Amazon can be good for a laugh, now and again:


Dishonest politicians, a city preparing for an imminent Olympics, street gangs, terrorist attacks… This could be a fable of our times, but this isn’t London 2011, this is a future Tokyo rebuilt 30 years after a Third World War, yet already descending into decadent and aimless disorder.

The Kinniburgh Kid

He missed out the rampant rioting, but, yeah, as parallels go, pretty perceptive.

It’s a shame we don’t have an orbital satellite laser to strengthen the analogy; that, and youths (or , rather, “yutes”) with psychic powers. Actually, the absence of the latter in  London’s probably a good thing! Imagine how much more fucked-up things would’ve been back in August.


Still, if Tetsuo were to re-emerge from his new universe to raze the Olympic stadium, it’d certainly justify the coverage (and the entrance fee)!


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