Bitch-Hunt! West vs the Rest


Watching Emma West’s racist tram rant reminded me of one reason I despise PC and “Public Order” legislation: it confers martyr status onto rancid cunts like her.

Predictably, the usual suspects from the Anglo-racialist milieu stepped up to claim her as their prize, their voice of the voiceless, their own little Boudicca reincarnate, beating back the filthy foreigners with nowt but the sharpness of her tongue.

That said, many of the folks decrying her proved, at best, considerably worse, what with them cheering on her arrest, calling for her to be sterilized, and insisting that her kid be taken away from her. If conservative talking heads exemplified submission masked as strength during the London riots, the so-called “liberal” contingent exemplify it in regard to Westgate. It’s been especially amusing/grating to watch them break out in “think of the children” hives over the (imagined) effect her words had on her (blissfully apathetic) kid. Let’s not forget their inverted embrace of a similarly Manichean worldview to West’s, either (emphasis mine):

Forgive me for shattering your illusions, Emma, but “your Britain” doesn’t exist. It hasn’t existed for a long time, and her current survival is to be credited entirely to immigrants. All those jobs that you pass up because they’re ‘beneath’ you? They go to immigrants. The jobs to which you may aspire – though aspiration may be beyond you – will never be yours, because you’re simply too uneducated and ignorant to work in them. So you see people who aren’t the same colour as you making their way in life, while you sway drunkenly on a tram and berate them in the vilest of terms.

Rae (aka Diva Nerd)

Come to think of it, didn’t the black woman who stood up to West spout similar rhetoric? Why didn’t the Thought Police kidnap her for re-education, hmm?

As much as I hate to say it, the PC plods have given the bigot brigade a toe to tread on with this one….


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