More MRDArous Aphorisms


  • Living a lie: the default state of the human animal.
  • “It exists for a reason” is often the end of all reasoning for the person who states it.
  • “Suffering in silence” is beautiful, poetic, and noble—provided you’re not the poor fucker doing it!
  • To “love everything” is to value…what exactly?
  • The adage needs correction: It is the bold who favour fortune, but the sentiment is not always reciprocated.
  • Chivalry: the foreplay to foreplay.
  • “Warm or cold?” is a question I ask myself every day, usually not when washing my hands.
  • Too much light burns out the sight.
  • Where self-assertion goes, alienation often follows.
  • Diminish fear = diminish normality.
  • Paradox: It’s a natural human instinct to deny one’s human instincts.
  • Belief and moralism are luxuries when the consequences aren’t yours to bear.
  • Cynicism: sometimes, a sword; other times, a shield.
  • “Suffering in silence” is beautiful, poetic, and noble…provided you’re not the poor fucker doing it!
  • I might consider watching ITV’s Take Me Out if the title was meant in an entirely different sense.
  • Humanity (n.): Making the best of a bad situation.
  • For some, ‘intimacy’ and ‘antagonism’ are synonyms.
  • Everyone has at least one ox waiting to be gored. Some, even most, have more numerous and obvious ones than others.
  • Oppression: the societal aphrodisiac.
  • Censorship: Deference to idiocracy.
  • Many, all too many, mistake normality for a normative.


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