Bane Anniversaire!

Well, lushes and reprobates, it came and went (again): that date of dates forever marked by the emergence of emergency across the pond twelve years ago yesterday. (Sadly, the planned commemorative Muslim ‘n’ biker bash in D.C. failed to take off as hoped — unlike those fatal flights.)


But of course, you already knew about that; I mean, how could you not with all the pundits ‘n’ politicos haranguing you to “never forget”?


This memetic memorial succeeded in diminishing the stature of that preceding American atrocity known as Columbine, a murder-suicide spree perpetrated in part by Dylan Klebold, who sprang from his mum’s muff thirty-two years ago yesterday. (Fitting for both his birth and death to be marked by fevered 9-11 calls, eh?)


As well as outdoing that instance of Stateside slaughter, the Day of Emergency also set the stage for a series of exciting adventures in West Asia, first embarked on by George W. Bush and continued by his brotha-from-anutha-mutha, Barack “Nobel Peace Prize” Obama. The latest proposed landmark? The sands of Syria, headed by the latest designated Enemy of the Free World, Bashar al-Assad, a man who celebrated the completion of his forty-eighth year yesterday, on that decisive date.


Of course, such international expeditions cost a bomb (or several), not just in terms of finances but also freedoms; in keeping with the day’s theme (and meme), let us not forget the sacrifices those brave American admins make in order to bring peace and security to friends foreign and domestic.


All in all, un bon anniversaire, non?


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