MRDArous Aphorisms: The Third Salvo


  • None leave this world unblemished – to try is to self-deny.
  • Pro-bomberventionists: “You can kill all the civilians you want, just not with those.”
  • For some, objectification may serve as something of a shield from the animosity they would accrue were their “real me” known.
  • You “beg to differ”? Why not just get off your knees and dare?
  • Feminnit: A chavvy feminist.
  • In the wake of tragedy, folk too often prize the words of the sobber over the sober.
  • Courage…honesty…audacity: what do such signal but comfort with one’s own vulnerability?
  • Moralism and atrocity make excellent fuckbuddies.
  • Whenever someone uses the phrase “as a society, we must…”, I really have to restrain the urge to do something decidedly antisocial to them.
  • Inequality is the spice of life.
  • Internet Tough Guy (or Girl): The apex of fibre-optic fauxmidability.
  • “Think of the children!” = “I’m too squeamish to own my squeamishness!”
  • Moralism: Passive-aggression with a halo.
  • Proximity: enemy of both adulation and antipathy.
  • Being a “me first” type of person isn’t synonymous with being a “me only” type of person.
  • “Wake up!”: The fedora of oratory.
  • The celebrity: modern man’s dubious attempt to bestow infatuation with dignity.
  • With the passage of time, seeing with one’s own eyes becomes more of a discipline than a default.
  • The human species: seven billion flavours of dysfunction.


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