Reflection, Revival, & Resolution: Towards an Infernal Rekindling


Well, I guess the Infernal Return didn’t play out in quite the fashion I planned. Despite my best wishes to revive regular posting in 2017, other affairs, great and small, put paid to my ambitions. Without going into detail, my attention span, when not diverted, was shot to hell for much of the year.


But this is 2018, and I’m kinda bored of letting fresh, wriggling commentary-bait slip from my grasp, so I’m gonna make a point of actually adding to this here Inferno. More specifically, I’m gonna make a point of doing so regularly: at least an entry a fortnight, barring any glaring adversities. Many a promising idea for a post has perished at the hands of procrastination over the past year, and I’m looking to punt that bitch in the cunt this time around.


So, here’s what you can expect from Yours Truly over the course of the current year:

  • A greater focus on “the arts”, i.e., quite a few music/movie/series/literature overviews, some of new and up-and-coming releases, others of stuff long overdue for an appraisal. Titles up for the Infernal treatment include: Frank Fleming’s Superego; Sarah Perry’s Every Cradle is a Grave; Andy Nowicki’s Heart Killer; the multiplicity of books by Ann Sterzinger; Gerald B.Lorentz’s Homo, 99 and 44/100% Nonsapiens; Sean Gabb’s Freedom of Speech in England:Its Present State and Likely Prospects; Ismael Sarepta’s Madame Einzige: Amor Fati; Devilman Crybaby; M.D. Geist; Violence Jack; Secretary; and whichever flick I see at the cinema on any given week.
  • More timely commentary on current events.
  • A look back on a few key stories and events of the recent past which provided food for thought in some way, whether personal, political, or philosophical.
  • Meditations on such topics as: the virtues of extremism and the pitfalls of “moderation”; MILS (Mothers I’d Love to Sterilise); how to deal with ISIS tourists; how the it’s-just-words defence makes a hypocrite of many a free-speech advocate; the link between militant Mohammedism and mythology; Mersault, as proto-thought criminal; Popper’s pathetic paradox; selfishness and suicide; why Erdoğan is the Turkish Triggypuff; the strawmanning of Sanger; and, as ever, the myriad reasons democracy was a mistake
  • More multisyllabic misanthropy.

So, make no mistake when  say that, this time, the long growling hiatus is at an end, and the furnace is finally back in full working order. Moete, motherfuckers!


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