Dumbarse Phrases: The Double Team Revival Attack!!

Thursday the 21st of May 2009: I sit in front of the telly, watching Question Time: Special Smackdown Edition, listening to the panellists and public exchanging verbal volleys over our broken political process…

…and I keep hearing this gem of a phrase get bandied about:

The government has lost its moral authority.”

And I think to myself: Excuse my parliamentary paragons, but would you mind, ever so kindly, shutting the fuck up?

The day I look at, much less, dote on, any political figure as a moral authority will be the day Nick Griffin partakes in an interracial, queer Muslim gangbang!

Politicians, far from being the vanguard of virtue, are simply the logs floating at the top of the toilet bowl: putrid, bloated and more than a little nasally-obnoxious. With a nerve that would be admirable outside of the context of government, these mendacious motherfuckers assert at the right to take more than a bit off your paycheck, making a point of shaming and skewering tax evaders in the name of the “public interest”…the “common good”…

… I should’ve said the Commons‘ Good : mea fucking culpa!

Visualise a rapist expressing moral outrage upon signs of a fightback in his quarry: it differs only in degree.

But hey, if you want to endorse warmongering, liberty-encroaching, expense-claiming parasites, knock yourself out!

Go ahead: elect your would-be Messiah into the position of

Voice of the Voiceless!


The way I see it, unless you’re the spokesperson for some kinda Deaf-Mute Association (and even that‘s a maybe), you have no business uttering that abominable phrase!

Seriously, are most people so cognitively-broken that they think such a grandiose statement carries any semblance of weight?

Why did I ask the question long after the masses gave me the answer?

The trouble with being the “voiceless” in any equation: you leave yourself blank-white for your Messiah to ascribe his agenda onto you. It’s a lot like infatuation in that respect, only it’s the idealised one who suffers: the voters, for their voiceless wishing, get to play out the analogy straight. Double the pain for a fraction of the effort.

Think of Islamic extremists; visualise racial ambulance-chasers and supremacists.

Oh… and remember these earlier episodes?

Do you really want to be spoken for?

Can you not tell me, us, them, what you want without some glorified suit ‘n’ tie doing it for you? Ballot boxes don’t count and never did. Democracy is a disease for the exact same reasons.

To paraphrase a wise woman: be proud, be loud, not herd!

Lest, to paraphrase another of similar sentiment, I’ll have fun seeing how “voiceless” you prove just before a boot slams down on your faceless humanity – forever!


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  1. ubermensch says:

    “The government has lost its moral authority.”
    to whatever extent a government can ever be said to have or gain moral authority in the first place, never mind whether they keep or squander this absurd attribution, to whatever extent “moral” is something we hallucinate that such goetia as we call governments can possess at all, let alone possess “authority” about it (?!?!) — to whatever extent that this a priori absurdumb is ?TRUE?
    if ‘good’ is held by the hand of the state, my conscience can bear no part of it and I repent my soul to ‘evil’.

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